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We Aim To Transform Individuals & Businesses through Our Sales Strategies: Gaurav Bhagat


We Aim To Transform Individuals & Businesses through Our Sales Strategies: Gaurav Bhagat


In an interview with EduKida, Gaurav Bhagat, Founder, Gaurav Bharat Academy, spoke about vision of the company, benefits of the 10X Sales program, students collaboration and more

Could you please share with me the genesis, vision, and mission of Gaurav Bhagat Academy?

The core belief behind the Gaurav Bhagat Academy (GBA) is that achieving amazing success in the area of sales and scaling is possible and can be achieved by companies of all sizes. The content and the philosophies have created amazing results for over 30 years for participants in multiple countries and industries.

The mission of Gaurav Bhagat Academy is to help 100,000 businesses add a minimum of 100 jobs each and also help 9,00,000 working professionals and graduating students live the 10X life, a life without limitations.  With an emphasis on scaling and sales, GBA aims to change the way conventional sales have been seen and provide our alumni the skillset and tools required to achieve 10X results.

In our association with Grant Cardone from USA, we aim to create a global network of sales professionals with common commitment to be more, do more and give more.  GBA promotes an environment where people can leverage the power of collaboration and ongoing learning.

How does Gaurav Bhagat Academy serve as a catalyst for growth, particularly in the areas of sales training and business mentorship? Also, how does GBA transform individuals and business owners?

The Gaurav Bhagat Academy (GBA) has the license for the world’s number 1 sales trainer Grant Cardone and his 10X philosophies. It was the first licensee in Asia and still the only one in India.  In the last 5 years the academy has trained thousands in its 2-day offline sales program, during the pandemic in a 6-week online program and also in its one day corporate workshops.

At the GBA we also offer a host of custom made to order programs for our corporate clients based on their specific needs. We firmly believe that there cannot be a one size fits all solution for all our clients and a lot of time is spent on understanding each customer and their objectives and curating the right solution for them.  Our clients and their testimonials received over the years speak for themselves.

What are the key benefits of the 10X Sales program? Why is it crucial for businesses to scale up their sales and communication strategies, and how can GBA’s program help achieve this?

Grant has been teaching the 10X sales system for over 30 years and in association with the GBA, a lot of the content has been tweaked for Indian audiences and situations.  The specific 12 step road to the sale process, the first rule of selling, activating the power base and negotiation, follow up and closing strategies are very unique to the GBA. Companies looking to improve their sales and scale can greatly benefit from the Gaurav Bhagat Academy’s (10X Sales) training.  For businesses, the truth is that either you need to sell or you will be sold and what we bring to the table is unique and gets the job done.

In a competitive market with numerous training and coaching organizations, what sets GBA apart? What makes GBA unique and distinguished in its approach?

The Gaurav Bhagat Academy (GBA) stands out from the competing on account of the following points.

  • Only the GBA has access to Grant Cardone licensed content and the 10X sales system. These training have created billions of dollars of revenue for its clients over the years and are delivered by Gaurav and the core team and have created breakthrough results in India as well.
  • Gaurav Bhagat himself has created great sales success in his companies like Consortium Gifts Pvt Ltd and has a unique mix of real-world skills with a global perspective.  That is something few coaches and trainers bring to the table.
  • Gaurav is also on the global board of organisations like IGC Global Promotions which has a net member revenue of over 800 million dollars.
  • Gaurav is also a speaker on global stages ranging from the prestigious MDRT conference in Boston, to sessions for clients in Malaysia and more.
  • The core team of the GBA always puts its customers first and brings the latest in learning to the country. The team has strong culture and values and is committed to 10X the results of all of its clients.
  • Gaurav Bhagat, a leading figure in the industry known for his accomplishments. Gaurav infuses the organisation with a special energy and vision thanks to his significant expertise and unwavering desire for both personal and professional progress of his clients.

Could you explain the Monthly Mentor Program offered by GBA and its objectives, and how this program provides business consulting services and coaching?

For those looking to grow both personally and professionally, the Gaurav Bhagat Academy’s (GBA) monthly mentor programme is an excellent option. This programme has been carefully crafted at the GBA and is all about bringing in experts and topics to empower participants and upgrade their skills in a variety of topics.

We dive deep into each topic, practice, review, and work together to bring out the best. This extremely cost-effective program that is limited to only a hundred people from different industries & sectors who engage, gain, learn & experience the most dynamic things from each other.

In the past our topics here have covered digital marketing, podcasting, communication, brand building, time management, money management and other crucial skills that can help participants achieve more in various domains.

What are the various programs and training modules that GBA offers to empower the youth with the right skills? How does GBA help young individuals develop the necessary capabilities for success?

The goal of the Gaurav Bhagat Academy (GBA) is to empower young people by giving them the fundamental abilities required for success. In a world where there is a lot of mis information the GBA aims to give the youth the right insights in personal and sales development and a lot of this is coming from the real world journey of the founder.  Hence this is not just theory but actual information and insights that can help the youth in doing things the right way.

The program under the Awesome Sales Jobs umbrella is run over 5 weeks and is a combination of offline and online sessions, totalling 10 in all.  Students and young professionals are brought in for a small fee and once trained are helped in placements at companies across the country.

By imparting practical skills, fostering personal growth, and instilling a mindset of continuous improvement, GBA empowers the youth to thrive in their chosen endeavours and make a lasting impact in their professional lives.

Can you share your insights on GBA’s association with universities to mentor college students and assist with placements? Could you provide more details on this collaboration and the impact it has on the students?

The GBA has been actively involved with colleges and universities in the last few years to empower young students in a wide variety of real world skills. This has ranged from goal setting, sales processes, time management and also habit formation using the Tiny Habits system. The sessions have been very much appreciated both by the faculty and the students and several have been in touch for more programs and opportunities as well.  Gaurav also helped Delhi Skills and Entrepreneurship University (DSEU) with some of their sessions and that has had a far reaching impact of them as well.

GBA’s commitment to the students does not end with certifications alone. They go above and beyond by leveraging their extensive network of connections with reputed companies to facilitate placements for the trained students launching pad for their careers. By connecting them with relevant job opportunities, GBA ensures that students can kickstart their professional journeys on a solid foundation, enhancing their chances of long-term success.

It is widely recognized that businesses need well-trained sales professionals to scale up effectively. How does GBA contribute to this need and help businesses achieve their growth targets?

With a focus on empowering individuals, GBA serves as a catalyst for growth, equipping them with the skills and mindset required to thrive in the sales domain. The GBA understands the importance of developing these sales skills and building an in-depth awareness of the art of selling as a leading sales and scaling academy.

The support, content and delivery that we offer at the academy can be matched by very few in the country. Being licensed in content from world class educators like Grant Cardone, BJ Fogg, Richard Dolan and Taki Moore ensure that we offer noting but the best to those that sign up with the GBA. Our proprietary content, delivery and eco system including the app and learning management system ensures long term retention and results for all our participants.  The academy’s 10X Sales Academy philosophy amplifies sales performance, instilling strategies and techniques that drive remarkable results.

I am intrigued by GBA’s growth and expansion plans to become Asia’s largest sales training and business mentorship academy. Could you please share the academy’s future strategies to expand its reach and impact?

The Gaurav Bhagat Academy aspires to establish itself as one of Asia’s largest sales training and business mentorship institutions. We aim to touch the lives to 100,000 businesses helping them add a minimum of 100 people and also empowering 900,000 working professionals and students in the 10X way.  We are bringing in world class content, trainers, facilities and more to ensure that we stand out from the others in what is quite a crowded space.  We are also adding trainers from our alumni that have embodied the 10X mindset and willing to take that to our students.

GBA has created a strategy roadmap that includes numerous significant strategies for expanding its influence and reach in order to realise this challenging objective:

  • Partnerships and Collaborations
  • Tailored Corporate Programs
  • Continuous Research and Development
  • Scaling the Art Training Facility and much more.

While currently based in the NCR we are exploring an expansion into 4 other Indian cities before venturing into the Middle East and Singapore.

Lastly, I would like to know how GBA’s services assist businesses in scaling up from 1X to 10X and even 100X, and how it helps them secure funding opportunities. Any examples or success stories would be highly appreciated?

GBA’s services offer invaluable assistance to business owners and companies seeking to scale up from 1X to 10X and even 100X, providing them with the tools and strategies needed to achieve remarkable growth. Through their cutting-edge curriculum and mentorship, GBA equips entrepreneurs and professionals with the skills and knowledge required to propel their businesses to new heights.

Our success stories include delivering training at Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), Sowtex (The textile Association), and the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT). Gaurav was also the focus speaker at the MDRT conference live in person in Boston on the 28th of June 2022.

Our corporate clients include Tata AIA, HDFC Bank, Pine Labs, Microsoft, Jolly Locks, Advance decorative laminates, Aditya Birla Capital, and many more. We also offer amazing tools like the SWGB Goal planner that is used for goal setting by top executives of Wipro, Microsoft, HCL, Alvarez Marshal, and others.

Gaurav’s dedication to his craft is truly remarkable, I highly recommend attending one of his speaking engagements or training sessions if you have the opportunity

GBA’s services empower businesses to accelerate their growth trajectory from 1X to 10X and beyond. Through comprehensive sales training, strategic guidance, and assistance in securing funding, GBA has proven instrumental in transforming businesses and enabling them to achieve extraordinary levels of success.

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