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Vita Student Launches Luxury Student Accommodations in India


Vita Student Launches Luxury Student Accommodations in India


Vita Student, the UK’s leading experience-led student accommodation provider, has officially launched in India, extending its commitment to offering luxurious and practical living spaces to students seeking international education opportunities.

Since 2023, Vita Student has been actively catering to Indian students who aspire to study abroad, providing them with a home away from home that delivers so much more than a room for ambitious students looking for success in their studies abroad.  This move comes in response to the increasing number of Indian students opting to pursue higher education overseas, with 7.65 lakh students recorded by the Bureau of Immigration up to October 2023. Seeing this trend, Vita Student decided to launch an office in India, aiming to recruit students and partners locally to enjoy  luxurious and practical living spaces that support students’ academic ambitions on an international scale.

Maitry Upreti, Head of Business Growth India at Vita Student stated that “We firmly believe that future leaders should have access to all the essential amenities that enable them to focus wholeheartedly on their studies and make the most out of their university experience. It brings us great joy to be able to offer Vita Student renowned accommodation to Indian students internationally, providing them with a nurturing environment where they can thrive academically and socially. Our commitment to exceptional service ensures that every student feels at home, allowing them to embrace their university experience to the fullest.”

Vita Student has pioneered the seismic change in student living that puts a focus on building design, student ambitions and wellbeing at its core and put students across the world at ease when moving abroad to study. Design-led studio apartments with en-suite bathrooms, large communal hub spaces, cinemas, private dining rooms and state-of-the-art gyms are matched with a customer-centric experience, and a packed events programme focusing on community, wellbeing, and mental health providing opportunities for students to make life-long connections. 

In the competitive landscape of student accommodation, Vita Student stands out with its mission to provide the best possible beginning to those embarking on their university life. Its commitment to offering stylish, high-quality residences goes hand-in-hand with a dedication to providing exceptional service that ensures every student feels valued and supported throughout their stay.

Vita Student’s vision extends beyond mere housing; it aspires to be recognized globally as leaders in fostering vibrant communities where ambition flourishes and lifelong connections are forged. By empowering students with the resources they need to excel academically and socially, Vita Student aims to create an environment where students can truly live without limits and fully embrace their university experience.


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