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CMRU SOA Students Showcase Visionary Architectural Solutions for Bengaluru


CMRU SOA Students Showcase Visionary Architectural Solutions for Bengaluru


CMR University School of Architecture (SOA) proudly announces the successful completion of its final year architectural thesis juries, held on June 10th and 11th, 2024. Sixty students presented their innovative tenth-semester projects, highlighting their dedication and the steadfast support of the faculty team under the leadership of Director, Prof. Muralidhar K.

Renowned for its distinctive approach and sensitivity towards architectural design, the CMRU School of Architecture showcased projects that encapsulated the essence of Bengaluru. Prof. Muralidhar K., serving as the President of the ADI chapter, spearheaded student involvement in these groundbreaking projects.

Some amazing projects were showcased at the exhibition which were all about making cities better and bringing people together. The Jayanagar shopping complex makeover stands out among all the projects showcased in the exhibition. It celebrates and cherishes Bengaluru’s cultural heritage. Another project focuses on making BBMP Ward 110, especially Commercial Street, better. They want to mix old weaving traditions with new designs to make the area more lively. They also care about the environment. They worked on projects like fixing up Nagavara Lake and creating a Center for Garbology. These projects help solve big city problems. SOA wants to train architects who care about nature and can solve modern city problems.

One project even has a unique idea for graveyards. They want to turn them into parts of the city. This shows how architecture can bring people and nature together. It’s all part of SOA’s big plan to make cities better places for everyone.

Prof. Muralidhar K, Director – the School of Architecture – at CMR University commended the students’ achievements, stating, “The projects presented this year reflect not only the student’s hard work and creativity but also their deep understanding of the complex interplay of issues within Bengaluru’s urban fabric. These young architects are poised to make significant contributions to the field and address pressing societal issues, including climate change.”

Several projects were integrated into the World Design Protopolis (WDP) Bengaluru 2023-28 initiative, a collaborative effort between the Government of Karnataka, represented by the BBMP, World Design Organisation (WDO), and the Association of Designers of India (ADI), Bengaluru Chapter.


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