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Deepak Kesarkar, Education Minister of Maharashtra, announces ‘Tr.’ designation for teachers


Deepak Kesarkar, Education Minister of Maharashtra, announces ‘Tr.’ designation for teachers


In the 17th session of the Maharashtra Primary Teachers Association, held in Ratnagiri, Hon’ Education Minister of Maharashtra, Shri. Deepak Kesarkar announced that teachers will be provided with a ‘Tr.’ Designation, which they can add in front of their names.

This was possible due to Navneet Education Limited’s (NEL) ‘#TrForTeachers’ initiative, which was a initiative which was launched to honour teachers by providing them with a designation similar to that of what a doctor (Dr.), captain (Capt.) or a judge (Justice) might use. Navneet thinks that there are many noble professions that come with titles. However, the profession that makes all these professions possible – teachers; are always ignored. Teachers work tirelessly to shape children’s futures, with absolutely no expectations of being recognized or rewarded. That makes teaching one of the most noble and selfless professions of all-time.

Additionally, the minister also said that the government is considering giving permission for teachers to write ‘Tr.’ on their vehicles. Shri Deepak Kesarkar, Hon’ Education Minister of Maharashtra, said, “Through this, the burden on teachers will be reduced. Now, like doctors have ‘DR’ written on their vehicles, soon, permission will be given to write ‘Tr.’ on the vehicles of teachers. Teachers essentially shape students like potters shape clay. Doctors give life, and teachers give a shape to that life in the truest sense. To ensure that teachers reach school on time, there is a plan to provide them with ‘Tr.’ on their vehicles.”

  • Navneet is extremely grateful to the minister and the government for supporting this initiative. Gnanesh (Sunil) Gala, Managing Director, Navneet Education Ltd., says, “We at Navneet believe that schooling creates the foundation of education, and teachers are the ultimate guiding force in a student’s journey. A teacher’s job is one of the most difficult jobs; however, it doesn’t necessarily get the recognition like other professions. #TrForTeachers is our way of paying an ode to the spirit of teachers and a salute to their noble profession. This is just the beginning, and with the support of the Hon’ minister, we are confident it will inspire many others to move in this direction.”


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