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Discover the Top Foreign Universities Recognising GATE Scores for MS Admissions


Discover the Top Foreign Universities Recognising GATE Scores for MS Admissions


The GATE examination is a highly regarded evaluation in India, testing a student’s understanding of key engineering and science principles. This comprehensive exam assesses the comprehension of undergraduate-level subjects in the field. The National Coordination Board oversees the examination, which is conducted each year by a rotating group of seven prestigious Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) located in Bombay, Delhi, Kanpur, Guwahati, Roorkee, Madras, and Kharagpur, as well as the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore.

In India, the GATE score is widely used as a determining factor for admission into postgraduate programs. Additionally, some institutions in Germany and Singapore also recognize the significance of the GATE score and accept it as a requirement for eligibility.

Let’s first understand what are these examinations.

The Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) and the Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) are two of the most well-known entrance exams in India.

GATE is a comprehensive exam that assesses a student’s understanding of undergraduate-level subjects in engineering and science. It is administered annually by a rotating group of seven Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) and the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore, and is used for admission into postgraduate programs in India.

On the other hand, the GRE is a globally recognized standardized test that measures verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and analytical writing skills. The GRE is often used for admission into graduate and business school programs in India, as well as in other countries around the world.

Both the GATE and GRE exams play a significant role in determining a student’s eligibility for higher education programs and their future career prospects. It is important for students to carefully consider their academic background and career goals in order to determine which exam is the best fit for them.

There are many universities around the world that accept either the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) score or the Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) score. Here is a list of a few international universities that accept either one or both of these scores:

Universities accepting GATE scores:

  • Technical University of Munich, Germany
  • Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
  • National University of Singapore, Singapore
  • University of California, Berkeley, USA
  • University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA

Universities accepting GRE scores:

  • Stanford University, USA
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA
  • Harvard University, USA
  • University of Oxford, UK
  • Princeton University, USA

It’s important to note that this list is not exhaustive and requirements for individual programs and institutions may vary. It’s recommended to check with specific universities and programs for their admission requirements.


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