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Assam CM Reassures of Exam Pattern Changes for ADRE in View of People’s Agitation

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Assam CM Reassures of Exam Pattern Changes for ADRE in View of People’s Agitation

Assam government to revisit ADRE exam pattern change after public feedback

In an important development related to top-of-mind concerns, the Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma announced on July 11 that the just-rejigged pattern of the Assam Direct Recruitment Examination was under reconsideration. It comes in the wake of a wave of feedback and criticism that has poured in from stakeholders, including aspirants for the examination and advocacy groups, following an abrupt alteration in the format of ADRE.

The ADRE is one of the most important gateways for job seekers who wish to apply to the Assam government. The sudden alteration of the examination pattern by it had brought about nervousness and anxiety for a majority of future aspirants and sparked demand for a relook at certain provisions.

The Chief Minister, through social media in communicating the government’s position, made it clear that responsiveness and accountability in governance were his number one priority: “A Govt that listens! Based on the feedback from various quarters regarding the sudden change of pattern of ADRE exams and possibility aspirants faces an issue arising out of that, we have decided to revisit this issue.”

The declaration epitomizes the commitment of the state government toward a transparent and inclusive decision-making process, largely pertaining to matters involving the aspirations and futures of examination candidates. Chief Minister Sarma assured stakeholders that a definitive resolution over the matter would be communicated promptly, signaling a proactive approach to address the prevailing concerns and restore stakeholder confidence.

Possible changes in the pattern of examination of the ADRE will be intimated within a couple of days, as the government is trying to ensure a fine balance between making the recruitment procedures fair and reacting sensitively to the concerns raised by the aggrieved aspirants.

It puts forward that it is the commitment of Assam to the ideals of fairness and equity, where all stakeholders will be in a position to take part in the formulation of policies touching on their future ambitions and careers in the state.


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