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Strengthening Government Schools through Vidyanjali: A CSR Conclave Organized by the Dept of Public Enterprises

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Strengthening Government Schools through Vidyanjali: A CSR Conclave Organized by the Dept of Public Enterprises


The Department of Public Enterprises recently held a two-day CSR Conclave on 9-10 July 2024 with the theme of strengthening Government schools through the Vidyanjali programme. It looked towards improving the quality of school education and increasing community participation in schools across the country.

Smt. A Srija, Economic Advisor, DoSEL presenting on the theme “Strengthening Govt. schools through Vidyanjali – the school volunteer program.

Vidyanjali is an initiative by the Government of India for school volunteer management. It allows people from the community, volunteers, and organizations to reach out and connect directly with a government or government-aided schools of their choice. This initiative allows citizens to share knowledge, talent, and time; assets, material, and equipment, as per the requirement of schools.

The eventful conclave saw the participation of a plethora of stakeholders, including CPSEs, CSOs, NGOs, Development Commissioners, State and District Nodal Officers of Vidyanjali representing the selected ADP Districts of Rajasthan, Haryana, and Jammu and Kashmir. In this event, these stakeholders came on board to discuss and explore opportunities for CSR collaboration through the Vidyanjali program.

In the conclave, DC Baramulla (Jammu and Kashmir) and DC Nuh (Haryana) presented insights on Vidyanjali, bringing out the potential areas in which CSR could be engaged with the programme in these districts. The presentation highlighted the need for infrastructure and facilities strengthening of government schools and improvement in the quality of education.

From the date of its launch, the Vidyanjali initiative has received overwhelming support. Various organizations and people, including the alumni of government schools desiring to make their contributions toward the growth and development of their respective former schools, have been tickling the teaming interest for this initiative. The initiative ultimately looks to strengthen schools through the voluntary support of people, retired professionals, retired government officials, NGOs, CSOs, CSR, and the community by offering services, activities, assets, and materials of their choice.

The Dept of Public Enterprises is organising a two day CSR Conclave

The CSR Conclave by the Department of Public Enterprises has provided a platform for collaboration and stakeholder discussion in scaling up the impact of this program. Bringing together CPSEs, Civil Society Organisations, NGOs, and other entities, this conclave aims to further partnerships and other such initiatives toward the betterment of government schools and the rising standards of quality education in the country as a whole.


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