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Tamil Nadu Tribal Girl Excels in JEE Main, Secures Admission to NIT Trichy

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Tamil Nadu Tribal Girl Excels in JEE Main, Secures Admission to NIT Trichy


A remarkable achievement by a tribal girl from Tamil Nadu has made headlines as she excels in the JEE Main exam, securing a coveted spot at NIT Trichy. This young student’s journey from the Pachamalai Hills to one of India’s top engineering institutes stands as a testament to her determination and hard work. Her success story is set to inspire many within her community and beyond, highlighting the transformative power of education and support.

Rohini, an 18-year-old tribal girl from Pachamalai Hills, Tamil Nadu, cleared JEE Main 2024 and secured a seat in chemical engineering at NIT-Trichy.

The incredible tale of dogged determination and perseverance of 18-year-old Rohini, a tribal girl belonging to the Pachamalai Hills in Tiruchirappalli district of Tamil Nadu, has created history as the first tribal student from her district getting a seat in the prestigious National Institute of Technology, Trichy. With the strong support of family, school, and state government of Tamil Nadu, Rohini’s journey is truly an inspiration—from a remote tribal area to one of the topmost engineering institutes in India.

Beating the Odd

The case of Rohini was an uphill task. Hailing from the Pachamalai Hills, inhabited by tribals and devoid of advanced educational facilities, there were many hurdles in her way. Yet, Rohini was determined to study further. She attended a government school, and here, the headmaster of the school and the teachers took especial interest in encouraging her academic ambitions.

Academic Excellence

This sweat and toil creamed off with Rohini clearing the JEE Main 2024 with a high score of 73.8 percent. The result was getting a seat in the chemical engineering course—the much-sought-after course in NIT-Trichy, one of India’s top engineering institutes. This victory underlines not only her personal perseverance in rising from the ashes but also reflects the potential hidden inside her community.

Rohini from Tamil Nadu Tribal Community Wins Seat in NIT-Trichy

Support from the Tamil Nadu Government

Recognising the potential and the magnitude of the feat, the State Government of Tamil Nadu is willing to bear the educational expenses of Rohini. This financial aid has turned out to be a huge factor in helping her pursue her dream course at NIT-Trichy. Rohini expressed gratitude towards Chief Minister MK Stalin for this assistance, stating that it had been imperative for this journey.

“Tamil Nadu state government has come forward to pay all my fees. I thank the Chief Minister for helping me. I performed well because of my headmaster and the staff of my school,” Rohini said in an interview with ANI.

A Beacon of Inspiration

Rohini’s success story has resonated far and wide, inspiring many within her community and beyond. A video posted on social media celebrating her achievement has drawn more than 3.85 lakh views, and Twitter users have congratulated her as the “Pride of Tamil Nadu” and a “symbol of proud Bharatiya naari shakthi.” It is an example to which students in the future, from such backgrounds, can look up and realize that anything is possible if one is determined and supported.

The Role of Education in Tribal Emancipation

The triumph of Rohini exemplifies the role of education in empowering tribal communities to come out of poverty and backwardness. Her story underlines how government support and some dedicated teachers can tap the potential of disadvantaged students. Presently, she is the first tribal student from her district entered NIT-Trichy, and this victory did not remain an individual victory but turned into a crucial moment for her community.

Looking Ahead

As Rohini gets ready to start her journey in NIT-Trichy, her story has been an inspiration to many. She wants to do well in the Department of Chemical Engineering and help people in her community and society at large. Her story is an example that when coupled with perseverance and hard work, the ‘right kind’ of support can make attaining one’s dreams possible, even when hailing from difficult backgrounds, and make a difference.

In the jubilation of Rohini’s success, special recognitions and continued support ought to be accorded to people who slave day and night to keep alive the chances of education available to all humans. Rohini’s story is a lighthouse of hope in itself, proving that education is very powerful, for even the inner potential of each individual will be found, rise above his/her circumstances, and attain greatness.


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