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Educate Online triples Indian students’ admission chances for Canadian universities

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Educate Online triples Indian students’ admission chances for Canadian universities

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Educate Online, a leading edTech startup specializing in distance education, is revolutionizing the application process for students aspiring to attend Canadian universities. With a focus on the Ontario high school system (OSSD), Educate Online aims to provide students with a distinct advantage, multiplying their chances of admission by 3 times. Through strategic partnerships with prestigious Canadian schools, Educate Online empowers students to obtain a diploma that significantly increases their likelihood of securing a spot at their dream university.

Through Educate Online’s partnerships with esteemed Canadian schools, students can now complete their studies online at a Canadian school in just 1-2 years, while obtaining an equivalent diploma to those who undergo a traditional 12-year offline education. The Ontario high school system, known for its Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD), offers the easiest pathway for students to apply to Canadian universities. By utilizing the OUAC system (Ontario Universities’ Application Centre), students gain access to a streamlined and highly efficient application process.

According to statistics, the average acceptance rate for Top Canadian universities ranges from the low 40s to the high 80s. Through the OUAC 101 category, which accounts for 70-80% of student recruitment, students benefit from reduced competition and increased admission opportunities across more than 20 universities in Ontario alone. International students can also directly apply to Canadian universities, gaining a local student number and enjoying the same opportunities as domestic students.

In contrast, the OUAC 105 category, which recruits only 20-30% of students, presents more competition and limited opportunities for applicants. High school graduates without an OSSD graduation certificate, both domestic and international, must opt for the OUAC 105 category when applying to universities in Ontario. Language requirements become mandatory, and admission decisions may take longer to be issued.

For Indian students aiming to apply for undergraduate programs at Ontario universities, Educate Online’s comprehensive support system includes personalized academic guidance, application assistance, and strategic advice tailored to the unique requirements of the OUAC system. Through these offerings, students can maximize their admission opportunities and increase their chances of securing placements at their preferred institutions.

“The struggles faced by Indian students in obtaining admissions to international universities have motivated us to develop comprehensive solutions that bridge the curriculum gap and enhance their competitiveness. Our product has the potential to multiply Indian aspirants’ chances of admission by at least 3 times by giving them an application advantage.,” said Amit Saneja, CEO of Educate Online India.

“At Educate Online, we recognize the significance of the OSSD graduation certificate in determining eligibility for the advantageous OUAC 101 category,” said. “Our mission is to empower students, regardless of their nationality, by equipping them with the knowledge and resources needed to thrive in the Ontario high school system.Through strategic collaborations and comprehensive academic preparation, we are committed to empowering Indian students to become global citizens and enhance their employability prospects in the future”, he added.

Educate Online’s data-driven approach and comprehensive programs empower students to leverage the benefits of the OUAC 101 category, securing a greater number of university options and improved chances of admission. With majors admission priorities and faster application processing times, students can navigate the complex admissions landscape with confidence and efficiency.

“One of the key advantages of the OUAC 101 category is the equal treatment of both local and international students,” said  Alexander Zheltov, CEO and Co-founder of Educate Online. “International students attending high schools in Ontario, alongside their local counterparts, are granted priority admissions and exemption from language requirements, provided they have completed four years of study in the Canadian high school system.”

Educate Online’s innovative programs not only prepare students academically but also offer comprehensive guidance throughout the application process.

For more information about Educate Online and its range of programs and services, please visit https://www.educate-online.in/


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