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France Offers 5-Year Schengen Visa For Indian Alumni, Targets 30,000 Students

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France Offers 5-Year Schengen Visa For Indian Alumni, Targets 30,000 Students


Following France’s recent announcement of an extended post-study work visa for Indian students, the country has now introduced a remarkable opportunity for Indian students who have spent even a single semester in France, as per media reports.

This initiative is grounded in the belief that these brief academic experiences create connections that deserve nurturing. Accordingly, Indian students with a Master’s degree or higher, who have studied for at least one semester in France, can now apply for a 5-year short-stay Schengen visa. This exclusive provision is designed to maintain strong ties between Indian alumni and their French counterparts, as emphasized in the official statement from the French Embassy.

To qualify, applicants must have completed at least one semester of studies in France and achieved a Master’s degree level or higher from a recognized university in India, France, or another third country. Additionally, they must submit a visa application that adheres to the standard Schengen requirements.

In line with these initiatives, the French Embassy has also revealed its goal to welcome 30,000 Indian students by 2030.

Ambassador H.E. Mr. Emmanuel Lenain reaffirmed France’s commitment to enhancing the academic and life experiences of Indian students on French soil.

He highlighted France’s reputation for being inclusive and diverse, underscoring the country’s commitment to sharing its abundant cultural heritage and offering world-class education opportunities to Indian students. The Ambassador’s message to Indian students was one of solidarity and support, assuring them of an exceptional educational journey in France.

To disseminate this message widely, the French Embassy and the French Institute have announced the forthcoming ‘Choose France Tour 2023’. This tour is slated to take place across various locations in India throughout October, further reinforcing France’s dedication to fostering meaningful academic exchanges and connections between the two nations.


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