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JAGSoM delays Placements Calendar to focus on Student-Learning

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JAGSoM delays Placements Calendar to focus on Student-Learning


Bangalore-based JAGSoM B-school is on a mission to shape up young talent into industry-ready professionals with strong problem-solving skills. Towards this goal, they have taken many strategic initiatives like Research Incubation/ Innovation Incubation (RI/II), Request for Problem (RFP), and long Industry Internship Program (IIP), where they have even delayed their Placements Calendar. But its strategy is producing strong results now, and JAGSoM is confident that momentum will continue.

The new placement approach at JAGSoM stands at over 50%, even as the formal placement process is now underway, is working.

  • The current average compensation package at JAGSoM stands at INR 17.2 Lakh Per Annum (LPA).

  • The highest domestic compensation offered is INR 43.0 LPA.

  • 3 students have received international offers, with the highest compensation being USD 103,500, which is approximately INR 85 LPA.  

Outlining the Placements Strategy, Prof Rajesh Kumar, Chairperson, Internships and Placements, JAGSoM says, “Ours is an engagement driven approach, unlike ‘mela’ driven placement followed by most B-Schools. The ‘mela’ approach does not provide the recruiter and aspirant an opportunity to discover each other well, resulting in high attrition in the initial years itself. Our approach to Placements is quite different. The students at JAGSoM are nurtured through a unique three step ‘Learning by Solving’ pedagogy, namely, Research Incubation/ Innovation Incubation (RI/II), Request for Problem (RFP), and Industry Internship Program (IIP).” 

To accommodate for IIP and other initiatives, JAGSoM had to even delay its placement calendar. Final Placements Process for the 2023 graduating batch commenced in the last week of February and is expected to conclude by the end of March 2023.

Sharing the rationale on why JAGSoM follows a different calendar, Dr Atish Chattopadhyay, Director, JAGSoM said, “In most top Business Schools, the 2nd year is a washout post the summer internship, with limited student interest in learning. That is not the case at JAGSoM. We polish rough diamonds into industry ready talent, which is borne out by the outcomes in terms of learners’ success”.

Dr Rajesh Kumar further added, “The trend as of now shows significant improvement in placement outcomes over previous years. Almost 50% of the students have received their PPOs as of now. There are 3 big International Offers with the highest being USD 103,000, which is INR 85 lakhs at current exchange rates. Based on the current offers, the average compensation stands at INR 17.2 Lakh per annum, and the highest domestic compensation stands at INR 43 LPA.”

Trends seen in 2023 placements is that students have found roles as Functional Consultant, Business Analyst, Market Research Analyst, Data Analyst, Digital Marketing & Social Media Analyst, Business Operations, Marketing Analyst, Financial Analyst, Financial Modelling across IT & ITES, Financial Services, Automotive, Banking, and Manufacturing sectors, among others. The three international PPOs have been offered by translational companies such as Bectran, Factset, and New York ISO. Startups such as Arthan Finance, Smartstream, Urban Piper have also recruited at JAGSoM, which is aligned to their objective of preparing students for new age roles in new age industries. Based on the success of their model, which assures high PPOs, JAGSoM is contemplating on reducing the dependence on formal placement in coming years.


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