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JEE Main Session 2 – Apr 8 – Morning Shift

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JEE Main Session 2 – Apr 8 – Morning Shift


NTA has lowered the difficulty level for the 8th Apr Phase 1 paper of JEE Main Exam, it was a paper of Easy to Moderate level. Chemistry was the easiest of the lot whereas Physics and Maths are of moderate level as considered by many students. A detailed subject-wise analysis is given below.


The paper was by and large based on NCERT books. Numerical was on the lower side even in Physical Chemistry and many questions were theoretical. Overall, the questions from Organic and Inorganic were more as compared with Physical chemistry. Questions from prominent chapters like p-block, Electrochemistry, Alcohol, Phenol and Ether, and Aldehyde, Ketone and Carboxylic Acids were asked. Overall coverage of the chapters was uniform. Block chemistry had a higher weightage in the paper. A thorough study of the NCERT books and mock tests based on NCERT is the guarantee of success in these types of tests. According to students, XI and XII’s chemistry had almost equal weightage in the paper.


According to a sizeable number of students, the Physics part was of moderate level. Questions from Mechanics, Current electricity, Electrostatics and Modern Physics were duly represented in the paper. Ray optics and thermodynamics were there in the paper. Other chapters were also included in due proportions. There were a less number of numerical and the questions were largely theoretical and formula based. According to students XII Physics had more weightage on paper.


The mathematics paper was moderate and did not have many calculations involved. A few good questions were interspersed sporadically. Questions were asked from Calculus, Coordinate Geometry, Probability, Vectors & 3D and Algebra were there. The Conics part was dominant in the paper. Almost all the topics were covered. Again, practice through mock tests holds the key.

Overall, it was a balanced paper which can be solved in the stipulated time. Average students found Mathematics and Physics moderate. The difficulty level-wise order according to a large section of students is

Mathematics > Physics > Chemistry

By Ajay Sharma, National Academic Director, Engineering, Aakash BYJU’S


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