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MRG School Organises Career Development Session


MRG School Organises Career Development Session


MRG School organised a ‘stream selection and career choices’ session for its students and their parents. The session was conducted by Mr. Jitin Chawla- Founder & Director, Center for Career Development. With the aim of helping the students make the right decision and choose a stream, the session briefed them about the streams that fit their interests and also offered them numerous fields post their school. The session gave the aspirants in-depth information and a complete understanding of different streams and the careers associated with them.

The stream selection and career choices session was held to guide young minds about various career options. Mr. Jitin Chawla interacted with the students and shared the measures to manage academics and prepare for career choices efficiently. Inviting the parents to the session was a great decision as parents were also suggested to believe in their child’s interests and encourage them to accomplish their goals with dedication and hard work.

“Choosing the right stream is vital for students as it ensures that they have the right choice of career options available in their future. To make sure that our students have a complete understanding of multiple streams, a ‘stream selection and career choices’ session was held in our school. Both students and parents were invited to the session held under the guidance of Mr. Jitin Chawla. Students were given crucial information about the interests that the streams cater to. We shall organise multiple similar events in future for our students’ benefit,” said Ms Anshu Mital, Principal, MRG School.

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