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Students of TCO1 Enjoy Fun Fair Frenzy


Students of TCO1 Enjoy Fun Fair Frenzy


The Class Of One (TCO1), Global online school organised a digital fair for its students. The country’s first-ever online carnival, ‘Fun Fair Frenzy’, held on 11 March 2023, witnessed a remarkable response from students. The digital fair had activities in multiple segments, including games, DIY competitions, a magic show, etc. the carnival was an ‘edventure’ conceptualised to provide a holistic experience to the students.

Various games like IQ mountain climb, lucky dip, cookie bite, scavenger hunt and coin amass were organised for the kids that they really enjoyed. A number of DIY competitions were also held for the students, and they participated with enthusiasm. The themes of the DIY round were home badge, flower making, recover the paper, let’s tatt it, jar salvage, etc. Students presented the best of their art and creations. A magic show was also held for the students by the famous magician and illusionist Manoj Malik from the Delhi School of Magic.

“Fun Fair Frenzy was the first-ever online carnival, curated by our teachers for the holistic development of the students. Along with fun games and a magic show for the entertainment of the kids, a competition was also held where students displayed their crafts and were also rewarded for their skills. Students at TCO1 enjoy the best opportunities to carve their skills and excel in their respective fields,” said Ms. Divya Jain, Director, The Class of One.

Ever since its establishment, TCO1 has amassed enormous notoriety and has consistently worked to provide kids from all backgrounds with equal access to education. It was developed to provide children with a comprehensive, growth-promoting educational setting that would aid them in developing their personalities, practical learning skills, extracurricular aptitudes, and academic pedagogy, among other things.


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