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ICICI Lombard Launches ‘Elevate’, Latest Health Insurance Innovation


ICICI Lombard Launches ‘Elevate’, Latest Health Insurance Innovation


ICICI Lombard, a leading private general insurer in India, proudly announces the launch of its revolutionary health insurance product, ‘Elevate’. Powered with AI the first-of-its-kind health product is loaded with cutting-edge features and add-ons, offering personalised solutions to meet the needs of dynamic lifestyle, unforeseen medical emergencies and medical inflation. This significant launch underscores ICICI Lombard’s commitment to pioneering advancements in the insurance industry delivering exceptional value to its customers.

Designed to cater to the rapidly evolving ecosystem, ‘Elevate’ offers a suite of personalised customer-centric plans that prioritise comprehensive coverage and flexibility. The key features of ‘Elevate’ include:

  • Infinite Sum Insured: Addressing the concern of limited coverage and sum insured, this feature ensures that policyholders never run out of coverage.
  • Infinite Claim Amount: This add-on offers comprehensive financial protection with infinite claim amount for one-time claim during the lifetime of policy without taking into purview the sum-insured amount.
  • Power Booster Add-on: This add-on provides a 100% cumulative bonus annually, irrespective of claims, for an indefinite period.
  • Reset Benefit: This feature triggers unlimited resets of your coverage, ensuring continuous protection irrespective of claims.
  • Infinite Assurance: This jump-start add-on enables people with pre-existing disease conditions like asthma, diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidaemia and obesity to start benefitting from the policy after 30th day as against the industry norms of waiting period of 3 years.

Leveraging the power of AI, ‘Elevate’ interprets customer inputs to deliver optimal coverage recommendations, ensuring that each policy is uniquely suited to individuals’ requirements. The bespoke approach to health insurance provides extensive protection while catering to personal health and financial considerations, making it more adaptable and responsive to customers’ needs.     

Staying true to its motto – power of infinite personalisation, ‘Elevate’ also comes power packed with 15 in-built covers and multiple personalization options, encompassing covers for; 20 critical illnesses, personal accident, maternity, new born cover, accommodation and travel benefits, preventive care, inflation protector, air ambulance and personalised home care and many more.      

Mr. Anand Singhi, Chief of Retail and Government at ICICI Lombard, stated, “‘Elevate’ embodies our steadfast dedication to pioneering innovation and customer-centricity. As a ground-breaking industry first, powered by an AI-Engine ‘Elevate’ will redefine health insurance, ensuring a deeply personalised experience tailored to customers’ unique needs. With add-ons such as ‘Infinite Care’ and ‘Power Booster,’ we have set a new standard in the health insurance, empowering our customers with unparalleled peace of mind in an increasingly dynamic world.”

ICICI Lombard is committed to customer-centricity by integrating innovation into every facet of its operations, especially personalized insurance solutions enhanced by cutting-edge technology.


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