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Trainocate Unveils AI Mastery Program to Develop Talent in Generative AI with AWS

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Trainocate Unveils AI Mastery Program to Develop Talent in Generative AI with AWS


Trainocate, a leading training provider in information technology (IT), and an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Advanced Tier Services Partner and Authorized Training Partner (ATP), has announced its ‘AI Mastery Program’ in India, marking a significant milestone in its commitment to driving artificial intelligence (AI) transformation. Leveraging training programs such as AWS Skill Builder and AWS Industry Quest, and building on AWS’s expertise in generative AI and machine learning (ML) technology, Trainocate aims to empower professionals and organisations with generative AI skills needed to thrive in today’s AI-driven world.

“Trainocate’s AI Mastery Program, exemplifies our commitment to providing cutting-edge training solutions and empowering professionals to harness the transformative power of AI,” said Takashi Ozawa, Chairman of Trainocate Holdings. “Through collaboration and innovation, we aim to shape the future of learning and development, driving success for individuals and organisations worldwide.”

AI has emerged as a driver of innovation across industries as the technological landscape continues to evolve. As per the study, “Accelerating AI Skills: Preparing the Asia-Pacific Workforce for Jobs of the Future”, commissioned by AWS and conducted by Access Partnership, which surveyed more than 500 employers and 1,600 workers in India, almost all employers (99%) envision their companies becoming AI-driven organisations by 2028. The study also showed that 95% of workers in India indicated a keen interest in developing AI skills to accelerate their careers, and that workers in India with AI skills and expertise could see salary hikes of over 54%, when AI is fully harnessed.

“Our recent study shows that nine in ten employers in India have hiring AI-talent as a priority, and 98% of surveyed employers and workers expect to use generative AI tools on the job within the next five years,” said Amit Mehta, Head of Training and Certification, AWS India Private Limited*. “But a significant majority of them (79%) struggle to find the AI talent they need, and this points to a looming AI skills gap in the country. We are pleased that organisations like Trainocate are collaborating with AWS to prioritize AI skills training, and enable the growth of learners and organisations.”

AWS provides enterprise-grade security and privacy, access to industry-leading foundation models (FMs), and generative AI-powered applications, to enable customers to build and scale using generative AI customised for their data and use cases. These services include Amazon Q, the most capable generative artificial intelligence (GenAI)-powered assistant for accelerating software development and leveraging companies’ internal data, and Amazon Bedrock, a fully managed service that offers customers a choice of high-performing FMs through a single application programming interface (API), and additional capabilities to build generative AI applications with security, privacy, and responsible AI.

“At Trainocate, we recognise the immense potential of AI to revolutionise industries and drive growth,” stated Vikas Mathur, Vice President of Sales – Cloud, at Trainocate India. “Our collaboration with AWS for the AI Mastery on AWS Program underscores our dedication to equipping professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in an increasingly AI-driven world. Through programs like these, we are proud to contribute to advancing technology and empowering individuals and organisations alike.”

The program starts with complimentary AWS Discovery Day sessions, designed to introduce participants to the conceptual knowledge of AI technologies. Following this introduction, learners can opt for the comprehensive two-day instructor-led classroom training – Developing Generative AI Applications on AWS, where they will benefit from hands-on labs to experiment with a range of AWS services, including Amazon Bedrock and Amazon Q. This course not only delves deeper into AI technologies but also offers certification opportunities, empowering participants with industry-recognized credentials such as AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner.

“Trainocate’s AI Mastery program with AWS comes at an opportune time as businesses look to harness the power of AI. Technical expertise is crucial, but equal importance must be given to building AI awareness and readiness across the organization,” said Ranjit Jaiswara, Head – Talent Development – AWS Business Unit, TCS. “Initiatives like this help strike that delicate balance. By bringing together the technical prowess of AWS with Trainocate’s immersive learning approach, professionals get a strong foundation in both the technology and business side of AI. Collaborations like these are key to overcoming the AI skills gap organizations face today.”

Key Offerings of the AI Mastery Program

The AI Mastery Program provides a comprehensive blend of AWS-led and ATP-led content and delivery options, including:

Digital (self-paced) learning
Instructor-led training (ILT)
Practice tests and assessments
Playground labs (sandbox)
Industry use cases
Industry projects


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