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Himalaya BabyCare Launches Pure Cow Ghee Range for Sensitive Skin Babies


Himalaya BabyCare Launches Pure Cow Ghee Range for Sensitive Skin Babies


Himalaya Wellness Company, one of India’s leading wellness brands, has launched the new Pure Cow Ghee Range, specially formulated for babies with sensitive skin and newborns. Himalaya’s Pure Cow Ghee Range with pH5.5*(skin-friendly pH) is thoughtfully crafted with the goodness of Pure Cow Ghee.  Cow Ghee is a precious natural moisturizer that has a unique composition, provides intense moisture, and deep nourishment for baby’s sensitive skin. Pure Cow Ghee helps improve the skin barrier function, has an excellent anti-inflammatory effect, enhances wound healing, and helps support skin immunity.

The Himalaya Pure Cow Ghee Range offers daily skin care essentials for bath and post-bath and solutions for common skin conditions such as diaper rash and cradle cap. Overall, Himalaya BabyCare takes a holistic approach to infant skin care with the introduction of the Pure Cow Ghee Range to cater to sensitive skin babies to give the strength from within.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Chakravarthi N V, Director – BabyCare, Himalaya Wellness Company, says,“We understand the evolving needs of consumers and are delighted to introduce the Himalaya Pure Cow Ghee Range, crafted to meet the specific requirements of babies with sensitive skin and newborns. Sensitive skin babies need the strength from within, and our hero ingredient, ‘Cow Ghee,’ is what sets our baby care range apart. With this campaign, we intend to create awareness amongst our customers on the immense benefits of this Golden Elixir (Pure Cow Ghee) for baby’s sensitive skin and garner their interest in our new affordable premium skin care range.”

Himalaya joyfully introduces Pure Cow Ghee Range of products enriched with the goodness of Pure Cow Ghee and Aloe Vera Extract:

  • Himalaya Baby Lotion with Pure Cow Ghee: Non-greasy (fast-absorbing), Himalaya Baby Lotion with Pure Cow Ghee offers all-day protection and up to 24-hour moisture. 
  • Himalaya Head to Toe Baby Wash with Pure Cow Ghee: As a moisturizing cleanser, it helps prevent dryness of baby’s skin and is suitable for babies with eczema-prone skin and sensitive skin.
  • Himalaya Baby Derma Cream with Pure Cow Ghee: Crafted for providing eczema relief, Himalaya Baby Derma Cream with Pure Cow Ghee soothes eczema-flare ups and dry, itchy, and irritated skin due to eczema. It provides dryness relief from 1st use and offers up to 24-hour moisture.                                                                                                        
  • Himalaya Baby Rash Relief Cream with Pure Cow Ghee: Formulated with Protective Barrier Technology for long-lasting protection against wetness, Baby Rash Relief cream is infused with the goodness of 15% Zinc Oxide (ZnO) that forms a protective barrier on the skin and Aloe Vera Extract that soothes baby’s dry and irritated skin. Crafted to help heal and prevent diaper rash, it provides relief in redness from the first use. 

Dermatologically tested, paediatrician evaluated, and free from harsh ingredients, the Himalaya BabyCare Pure Cow Ghee range helps improve skin barrier, helps protect the skin’s natural microbiome, and ensures optimal skin health care for babies with sensitive skin and newborns. 

The Himalaya Pure Cow Ghee Range of Products is available from 20 g to 125 g/40 ml to 400 ml at leading retail outlets and e-commerce platforms. For more information on the products, visit https://himalayawellness.in/pages/search-results-page?q=ghee%20baby%20wash.

*except Himalaya Baby Rash Relief Cream with Pure Cow Ghee 


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