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Floractive Profissional Introduces ‘Organic Nano Gel’ in Hair Treatment and Care


Floractive Profissional Introduces ‘Organic Nano Gel’ in Hair Treatment and Care


When it comes to hair care products, Floractive Profissional is the brand trusted by millions of consumers around the world. Brought to India by Shimmers Cosmetics, the brand has now launched 3 signature offerings that are the finest options for hair strengthening and nourishment. 

Floractive is renowned around the globe for its excellent quality and exceptional ingredients, and the brand’s latest 3 launches are crafted from the same mold. Hair Care is an intricate part of our lives, and Floractive is making their art of hair care healthier and easier with its 3 brand new products. 

The first product in Floractive Professional’s latest line-up is the ‘Organic Nano Gel’ Treatment (MRP INR 30000). This First Organic Treatment in a Gel form is a one-stop solution for effective hair rebuilding. The Formaldehyde Free treatment consists of nanoparticles that reach deep inside their hair fiber to repair the roots without opening cuticles making the hair up to 100% straight for up to 50 washes. With antioxidant and vitamin rich ingredients like Rosehip Oil, Seaweed Algae, Sunflower Oil, and Organic Acids, this is the go-to gel for healthy, shiny and frizz-free hair. 

The second offering from Floractive professional is the ‘Organic Nano Gel Shampoo’ (MRP INR 1400). Laced with some of nature’s finest ingredients, this Paraben Free shampoo is an absolute wonder product. Its balanced and effective formulation cleans hair in the most accurate way possible, while constantly keeping our tresses happy and hydrated. Enriched with Rosehip Oil, Hydrolyzed Keratin, Amino Acids and Ozone Protein, this shampoo provides the care and pamper that every little strand of hair deserves. 

Last but definitely not the least, Floractive Professional’s third offering is the ‘Organic Nano Gel 3 in 1 ’ (MRP INR 1400). This 3 in 1 gem serves as a conditioner, mask as well as leave in for your hair. With hydration properties that maintain the necessary moisture, this conditioner locks and seals the cuticles from any kind of damage. Active ingredients like Rosehip Oil,  Hydrolyzed Keratin, Essential Amino Acids and Ozone Protein make sure that our tresses are smooth, soft and shiny no matter what time of the day. And that’s not all! It’s also Paraben Free.

Talking about the 3 coveted launches, Sandeep Gidwani, Director, Shimmers Cosmetics Pvt. Ltd., said, “Floractive Profissional is synonymous with effective results and excellent quality, and these three new launches are testament to the same. Indian hair is susceptible to a lot of weather damage due to many factors, and Floractive’s latest products ensure that our hair stays nourished, protected, healthy and happy. Every product is tailor made to take care of our hair in more ways than one”. 

Hair Care is becoming an important part of the Indian lifestyle. With these products, one can achieve healthy hair. A good hair day can uplift people’s mood and bring in a good look any time. 

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