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AI-Powered ‘Boost My Child’ Platform Launched in Pune to Enhance Early Education


AI-Powered ‘Boost My Child’ Platform Launched in Pune to Enhance Early Education


A new AI-driven platform, ‘Boost My Child’ (BMC), has just been launched in Pune of India’s Maharashtra region; the idea lies in strengthening the early years of education holistically, in the age bracket from 0 to 8 years. Developed by the Vardhan Group, this platform is in sync with the National Education Policy and National Curriculum Framework guidelines where it caters to teachers and parents alike.

Unique AI-driven platform for children launched by Vardhan Group

The ‘Boost My Child’ platform has been the result of rigorous research and development over four years with the involvement of some well-known child psychologists, pediatricians, early childhood educators, as well as experts from artificial intelligence and AI and software product development. This platform also invested pre-seed funding of ₹1 crore and was incorporated in October 2021.

The main objective of the ‘Boost My Child’ online platform is to achieve all-round and AI-driven early education. Artificial intelligence shall be adopted to support personalized teaching and learning, reducing the time burden on teachers and increasing collaboration amongst parents-teacher interactions.

It has multidimensional reports, customized parent-child activities, age-specific toolkits, and child-specific parenting guidelines. It instructs based on the fact that each child has a special need and learning style. Integration with Existing School Apps: The platform is integrated with all existing school apps to access hassles-free, branch/area-wise collated data and analysis, which ensures flawless functioning of the communication and collaboration process between teachers and parents.

Some of the features and benefits that the ‘Boost My Child’ platform offers to teachers and parents include:

  1. Alignment with National guidelines: ‘Boost My Child’ is aligned to National Education Policy and National Curriculum Framework guidelines that enable the content and activities to be as per recommended standards of education.
  2. NIOS Certification: NIOS partners with DIKSHA on the Content Creation Initiative to provide quality-oriented educational material.
  3. Holistic Development: The purpose of the platform would be to help children with all-round growth, aided by a library of stories, games, and education activities all pre-set as required for the holistic development of a growing child. It shall emphasize emotional support and social ability development by use of empathy-conditioned responses and role-plays.
    AI in Early Childhood Is Just Emerging—But Filled with Huge Potential Personalization on the part of tools and strategies alike, powered by artificial intelligence, could make for better student outcomes and better children equipped to succeed in an AI-driven world. Conversely, AI literacy features as an intrinsic enabler of digital literacy for all citizens, including young children.

AI in Early Childhood, therefore, would let children acquire any basic concepts of AI and enhance the rise of AI literacy. It is also conceptualized in support of teacher tasks by automating routine tasks, offering timely feedback, and promoting data-driven decision-making. We, however, should keenly note that AI shall never outperform teachers but enhance instruction and support teachers’ effort in this desirous service to children.

The ‘Boost My Child’ platform for Pune syncs into the Global activities of Consulthon towards harnessing AI technology for betterment in the area of early education and all-round development of young children. At work to make teaching and learning experiences more personalized, aligning with existing school systems and adhering to national guidelines hopefully makes the educational environment more engaging and effective for young learners.

The role of AI in the early childhood education domain seems very promising, as it provides better learning and helps equip children with knowledge to meet up to the challenges in the future. Since technology is fast becoming an integral part of life, the most innovative way of harnessing this potential has to be worked out so that right from the early years of life, children get the best possible education.


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