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Haryana Government Aims to Extend Smart Classrooms to 1000 More Primary Schools by 2024-25


Haryana Government Aims to Extend Smart Classrooms to 1000 More Primary Schools by 2024-25

Haryana will add smart classrooms to 1,000 more schools under Sampark in 2024-25

The Haryana government has announced its plan to introduce smart classrooms in an additional 1000 government primary schools by the academic year 2024-25. This is under the SAMPARK program—Smart Class Aided by Multi Media Approach to Raise Kids—contemplated to bring about a sea change in education and usher in technology that ensures better outcomes for students across the state.

More than 6600 primary schools in Haryana have, by now, already smart classes. The expansion of smart classrooms to 1000 more schools shows the government’s commitment to assimilating new technologies of education into the primary education system.

The introduction of smart classrooms is supposed to highly enrich the learning environment of the learner or the student. These are classrooms that use the new technologies and educational materials, which mean to include the multimedia content projected on interactive screens or projectors. Technology can aid in engaging students more than usual in the classroom, facilitate interactive learning processes for the same, and finally gain access to a host of learning resources.

Installation of smart classrooms in primary schools by the Haryana Government is all part of the enhanced efforts undertaken to improve the quality of education in the State. Adopting technology, the State Government dreams of enhancing the class experience for its students to meet the challenges of the digital age.

Yesterday, it was reported that the Haryana government has already converted 4035 primary schools into smart classrooms and remaining ones would be transformed by the end of the year. This one-by-one change in the education system with the help of new technologies clearly shows the desire of the government to enhance the learning atmosphere for students.

The expansion of smart classrooms in primary schools is envisioned to modernize education and ensure that children remain abreast of times with modern tools and resources for today’s world. Inclusion of technology into classrooms has been called on by the Haryana State Government to not only improve the quality of education but to concretely improve learning results for children of this State.


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