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IIT-Jodhpur to Offer BTech Programme in Hindi


IIT-Jodhpur to Offer BTech Programme in Hindi


IIT-Jodhpur has decided to offer its BTech programme in Hindi starting from the upcoming academic session. Although this decision was taken more than three years ago, the IITs had opposed teaching engineering in regional languages. The new batch of undergraduate students, starting this month, will have the option to be taught in either Hindi or English. The admission procedure will remain the same, but at the beginning of the academic year, freshers will have to opt for their preferred language of instruction *****. Implementation Details.This batch of students shall further be divided into two sections with their preference either in Hindi or English media. However, both the sections will have the same professor to maintain uniformity in the education imparted. All technical terminologies would be in English; however, the explanation will be in a mix of Hindi and English, commonly known as Hinglish. The idea is to make it free of any linguistic barriers and for better understanding of the pupils..Remedial Classes and Study Material. To supplement this initiative, study material and assignments for first-year undergraduate students would be available in both Hindi and English. Further, the students also will be provided with remedial “English classes” to improve their listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in the language. The goal is that by the end of the first year, students become comfortable with the English language, and after which they can shift to English medium, in case they wish to do so.National Education Policy and Job Opportunities IIT-Jodhpur’s decision to offer the BTech programme in Hindi is akin to the new National Education Policy, 2020, bringing focus on education imparted in Indian languages for better understanding and improvement of teaching-learning outcomes. The institute is of the opinion that teaching in regional languages will improve the learning ability and clarity of concepts among students. They also intend to provide English classes to polish the communication skills of the students. By the time the students come out of the institute, according to them, they shall be as trained as their colleagues from the English medium batches .Future Plans IIT-Jodhpur is offering Hindi as a medium of instruction for the new batch of students from this year’s admission. Whether or not to extend it for second-year students will be considered later, based on the responses.The scheme will, therefore, help IIT-Jodhpur fill up this gap and offer students whose English is not that good the opportunity to study here without worrying about falling behind due to poor fluency in the language.

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