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IIT Madras Introduces Cutting-Edge Water Quality Course in Collaboration with Tel Aviv University and KMCH-Research Foundation


IIT Madras Introduces Cutting-Edge Water Quality Course in Collaboration with Tel Aviv University and KMCH-Research Foundation

After covering foundational aspects of water quality in depth, students will actively participate in practical testing, which includes conducting surveys.

IIT Madras partners Tel Aviv University, Israel and KMCH-Research Foundation, Coimbatore to offer a water quality course for a water-literate citizenry. This 4-month course delivered via a hybrid model on the NPTEL online platform, is for final-year Science and Engineering students and anyone with an interest in Water Quality. During the course, students will be required to carry out practical tests and exercises, as well as answering surveys The course organizers are in the process of making a water map of India. Students will also get a course completion certificate as part of graduation.

The water quality course offered by IIT Madras is scheduled to commence on July 29th.

Course instructors: IIT Madras’ T Pradeep and Ligy Philip; Tel Aviv’s Hadas Mamane and Ram Fishman; and KMCH-Research Foundation’s G Velmurugan. Guest lectures will be delivered by faculty members from Purdue University, IIT Madras and BARC. “This course will actually lead to generation of citizens-people who contribute to good quality data on water and quality which in turn shall make them water literate,” said Pradeep T from the Department of Chemistry at IIT Madras. The course, entitled A Hybrid Course on Water Quality: An Approach to People’s Water Data, is taught via a mix of synchronous (live meetings) and asynchronous (recorded lectures) studies, delivering well-rounded knowledge on different water quality matters, key water quality parameter analysis, and health implications for humans.

Contrasting Realities: Pollution vs Purity in Water Quality

It will establish a water quality database for different sources of water like household, river, borewell, groundwater, pipleline networks. possibilité aux étudiants d’assisté en ligne ou en offline, ou bien en visionner un enregistrement à leur convenance. The students’ knowledge of the course content will be determined by assignments and quizzes. Registrants of the practical session will be required to take measurements in the field/lab with hand-held instruments and field test kits, among others. Water quality parameters to be studied include free chlorine, total chlorine, alkalinity, pH, oxidation-reduction potential (ORP), conductivity, total dissolved solids (TDS), temperature, turbidity, E coli, total coliforms.vv


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