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Italian Electric Two-wheeler Brand VLF Announces Grand Entry into Indian Market with Manufacturing Hub in Kolhapur, Maharashtra


Italian Electric Two-wheeler Brand VLF Announces Grand Entry into Indian Market with Manufacturing Hub in Kolhapur, Maharashtra


Italian electric two-wheeler brand VLF, founded by renowned designer Alessandro Tartarini in 1993, proudly announces its entry into the dynamic Indian electric two-wheeler market. Known for its unique Italian heritage and design, VLF is teaming up with KAW Veloce Motors Pvt Ltd to handle manufacturing and distribution, promising an exhilarating journey for Indian riders.

VLF Announces Grand Entry into Indian Market with iconic electric scooter named ‘Tennis’

VLF ‘s products, known for their strong personality and unique design, aim to stand out in the burgeoning electric mobility market. Alessandro Tartarini, the visionary behind VLF, states, “In a market that is extremely competitive and constantly evolving, we need to create products that are stylish and have a strong personality.” This ethos drives VLF ‘s mission to offer electric scooter that break away from traditional gasoline-powered designs, providing affordable and stylish alternatives.

The state-of-the-art manufacturing facility will be established in Kolhapur, Maharashtra, leveraging the KAW Groups extensive six-decade manufacturing experience in the region. VLF plans to launch its iconic electric scooter named Tennis by the festive season this year, catering to a diverse demographic-from first-time buyers to seasoned riders seeking an upgrade. With a focus on aspirational branding and premium riding experiences at affordable prices, VLF is poised to make a significant impact on the Indian electric two-wheeler landscape.

To create awareness and generate interest among Indian consumers, VLF will roll out an extensive marketing campaign, culminating in the official brand launch during the 2024 festive season. The campaign will include engaging marketing activities, roadshows, and participation in auto expos, firmly establishing VLF ‘s presence in India.

VLF plans to establish a robust dealer network across India, targeting major tier 1 and tier 2 cities. The goal is to have 15 dealerships operational by the end of 2024, scaling up to 50 dealerships by the end of the financial year.

Tushar Shelke, Managing Director of KAW Veloce Motors Pvt. Ltd., shares his excitement: “With VLF, we want to give Indian consumers a range of electric scooters and Scooter that excel in design and performance. Each VLF product has its own design language and stands out in the current market. We want our customers to experience this uniqueness.”

Stay tuned for more updates on VLF ‘s exciting journey in India.

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