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JAIN Shantamani Kala Kendra & Jain Int’l School’s ‘PARSHV p’adap’ Hits Day 4


JAIN Shantamani Kala Kendra & Jain Int’l School’s ‘PARSHV p’adap’ Hits Day 4

JIRS hosts ‘Parshv P’adap’ Art Camp with 50 talented artists from across India

Shantamani Kala Kendra, in collaboration with the esteemed JAIN International Residential School, is proud to announce the launch of PARSHV p’adap a unique and grand platform dedicated to celebrating artistic talent. This week-long event, running from 23rd to 29th June, is taking place at the JAIN Global Campus in Bengaluru.

PARSHV p’adap aims to bring together the elite artist community from all the states across the country. This artistic endeavour is not only a celebration of the extraordinary works of art, through their creations, artists will highlight the deep connection between humanity and the natural world, encouraging a harmonious coexistence and greater appreciation for our environment.

Today on the 4th day of the event, 35 painting artists and 20 stone sculpturers are working on various art forms with their unique creations on stone and paper. The diverse styles and unique creations promise to captivate art enthusiasts and provide a deep dive into the rich artistic heritage of India.

“PARSHV p’adap” is a one of our many series of artistic explorations that are nothing but a movement that bridges cultural divides and unites artists and art lovers under one roof.” Said Avinash D Kate, Dean Art and Design at Jain (Deemed-to-be-University) Shantamani Kala Kendra.

Devendra S Potdukhe, a renowned artist from Mumbai and a participant here said, “We are thrilled to be part of PARSHV p’adap and this being my first experience through Shantamani Kala Kendra makes it even more special. I am not only excited to showcase my art but also to immerse myself in this incredible learning journey. The event is a treasure trove of knowledge and inspiration, with enriching workshops, insightful demonstrations and a spirit of collaboration that allows us all to learn and grow together.

The all-inclusive collaboration welcomes artists from all the age groups, spheres of life and divyang artists as well. On 29th June, the creations will be showcased at the JAIN Global Campus in Bengaluru and will be open for public.


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