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Maharashtra To Develop 846 Schools In Tribal, Hilly Regions Under ‘PM-SHI’ Initiative

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Maharashtra To Develop 846 Schools In Tribal, Hilly Regions Under ‘PM-SHI’ Initiative


The Maharashtra government has announced plans to develop 846 schools in the state under the ‘PM-SHI’ scheme. The scheme, which stands for Prime Minister’s Shiksha Har Haath Initiative, aims to provide better infrastructure and facilities to schools in rural and remote areas of the country.

The Maharashtra government has identified 846 schools that will benefit from the scheme, with a budget of Rs 250 crore earmarked for this purpose. The schools selected for development are primarily located in tribal and hilly regions of the state, which have traditionally been underserved in terms of education infrastructure.

Under the ‘PM-SHI’ scheme, the selected schools will receive funding for various infrastructure projects such as construction of classrooms, laboratories, libraries, and toilets, as well as provision of furniture, teaching aids, and sports equipment. The scheme also emphasizes the need for improving the quality of education, with a focus on teacher training and capacity building.

In addition, the Maharashtra government has also announced plans to set up ‘Model Schools’ in every block of the state, with the aim of providing high-quality education to students in remote and rural areas. The Model Schools will serve as a benchmark for other schools in the area, with a focus on providing modern infrastructure, technology-enabled learning, and quality teaching.

The development of schools under the ‘PM-SHI’ scheme and the establishment of Model Schools are part of the Maharashtra government’s broader efforts to improve the quality of education in the state and bridge the urban-rural divide. These initiatives are expected to have a significant impact on the lives of students in rural and remote areas, providing them with better opportunities for learning and growth.


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