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Manthan School Students Extend Educational Outreach and Library Initiative at Keshav Nagar Government School


Manthan School Students Extend Educational Outreach and Library Initiative at Keshav Nagar Government School


In a wonderful exhibition of community service and educational empowerment, students and teachers from Manthan School in Hyderabad launched Project Pragya at Keshav Nagar Government School in Gowlidoddi.

During their session break, ten Grade 9 Cambridge board students and five motivated instructors worked for Project Pragya. The initiative aimed to provide complete education in English, Science, Maths and Physical Education to pupils in grades 1-5 at the government school. Pre and post-session exams were used to measure the success of their efforts, ensuring that the learning results were meaningful.

Reflecting on their involvement, a Manthan student said, “The education outreach programme was very enriching for me.” Working hands-on and assisting with the education of poor children has been a gratifying experience. I am delighted to have been a part of this project.”

In addition to teaching sessions, the Manthanites graciously supplied stationery kits, notebooks, and teaching aids to pupils at Keshav Nagar Government School. Furthermore, they gave a broad collection of books from many disciplines and genres to help construct a school library, with the goal of instilling a love of reading in the kids. The project also includes the distribution of sanitizers and hygiene items to ensure a safe learning environment for all students and faculty.

A volunteer instructor expressed delight in their pupils’ devotion to social welfare, saying, “At Manthan, we believe in giving students real-world experiences and instilling a sense of social responsibility. Initiatives like Project Pragya encourage students to see social service as a vital aspect of their life.”

Mr. Surjeet Singh, Principal of Manthan School, thanked ISP (International School Partnerships) for facilitating this effort. “It’s immensely fulfilling to witness our students evolve into responsible citizens who actively contribute to society,” he told me. “Every kid is the future of our country, and measures like this guarantee that they have equal opportunity to succeed. “I encourage everyone in the Manthan family and beyond to participate in such initiatives and contribute in any way they can.”

Project Pragya at Keshav Nagar Government School exemplifies the important role education plays in promoting a brighter future for all students, regardless of their circumstances. Manthan School shows the community spirit and compassion in education via its devotion and charity.


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