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Meghalaya Integrates QR Codes in School Textbooks for Enhanced Learning


Meghalaya Integrates QR Codes in School Textbooks for Enhanced Learning


The government of Meghalaya has integrated QR codes into the school textbooks that will significantly improve the learning experience. Through this, the extra information and resources will be easily accessible to the students for developing time management skills and empowering them with more options for knowledge.

Benefits of QR Codes in Textbook Students can engage in using a plethora of education apps comprising video lessons and solved question papers, among others, all enabled by scanning the QR codes provided at the end of each lesson using mobile devices.

This integration will not only save the searching time of study material but shall also bring a more concentration of the students towards learning. The QR codes are encoded within the textbooks and provide further information on “particular subjects that strengthen time management skills of the students and further learnings as per their choice”.

Support from Officials of Education Education Secretary A Marak and the director of DERT, R Manner, said that embedding of QR code in some books of certain textbooks could help a lot. The new initiative, they added, would immensely help the students to prepare themselves on their own in subjects in which they are weak. The state education minister, Rakkam A sangma, also lauded the initiative and said the state government was seriously concerned about providing all possible help to the students here in Meghalaya.

Reformation in the Education System Integration of QR code into the text books opens a new chapter in the educative system of Meghalaya for making learning easy and accessible to students throughout the state. It makes a revolution in how they would connect with their study materials, catering to them through the perfect blend of traditional and digital methodology of lessons.The overall purpose of integrating QR codes within the school textbooks of Meghalaya will be returning the learning experience to the students, helping them in the proper management of time, and providing additional knowledge resources.

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