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Octanom Tech’s Hedged.in Wins “Wealth Tech of the Year” at the Business World Fintech Festival


Octanom Tech’s Hedged.in Wins “Wealth Tech of the Year” at the Business World Fintech Festival


Pioneered by finance expert Rahul Ghose, Octanom Tech, a leading Investech firm that runs Hedged.in “India’s first Hedged-style Investment & Trading platform” is proud to have been awarded the prestigious “Wealth Tech of the Year” award at the BW Business World festival. This recognition underscores Octanom Tech’s significant impact on redefining the investment and trading landscape across India.

Rahul Ghose (right) Founder & CEO, Hedged.in along with CTO Shiv Kumar Puppala (left)

Powered by Octanom Tech, the Hedged platform curates low risk trading and Investing products with a focus on reducing the growing losses of retailers and institutions in India and abroad. With only 3.8% of Indians directly investing in equity, Hedged provides a much-needed solution, offering lower-risk, machine-driven hedged Products & innovative investment solutions both in the equity and derivative spaces. These technologies & products empower investors to make informed decisions, addressing fears stemming from lack of knowledge, time constraints, and market unpredictability.

The BW Businessworlds Festival of Fintech annually gathers industry leaders and innovators to explore the forefront of financial technology. This premier event showcases advancements in AI, machine learning, blockchain, digital banking, mobile payments, cybersecurity, API integration, DeFi, fraud prevention and open banking, reflecting the rapid evolution of the fintech industry.

In just 15 months since its launch, Hedged & Octanom tech is one of the youngest companies in India to get this award & has achieved the highest audited success rate on the platform among similar competitor platforms in India. This rapid growth and success are backed by a team of experts, including PhD Dr. Praveen Dwaraknath & CTO Shiv Kumar Puppala and is led by Rahul Ghose, who is one of the foremost authorities in India in the options space and the former Vice President of Sharekhan.com. Under his visionary leadership, Octanom Tech & his team of experts are committed to making intelligent technology accessible to all of Indias retail traders and investors, fostering their active participation in and contributing to India’s growing economy in a safer way.

“We are incredibly honoured & humbled to receive the Wealth Tech of the Year award,” said Rahul Ghose, Founder & CEO of Octanom Tech. “This recognition is a testament to our commitment ‘To reducing a 100 Billion dollars’ worth of losses over the next decade’ in India and around the world. Product Innovation and our dedication to empowering investors with technology and knowledge remains on our forefront agenda. We will continue to drive forward with our mission to transform the investment & Trading landscape in India and overseas.”

The Business World Festival of Fintech is one of the most anticipated & recognized events in the fintech industry, celebrating outstanding achievements and innovations that shape the future of financial technology. The award further solidifies Octanom Tech’s position as a trailblazer in the fintech space.

For more information about Octanom Tech and Hedged, please visit www.octanomtech.com and www.hedged.in.

About Octanom Tech
Octanom Tech is a leading fintech firm dedicated to leveraging advanced technology to create innovative Trading & investment solutions. The company’s flagship platform, Hedged.in, is designed to empower retail investors with lower-risk, Tech & AI-driven investment products, helping them navigate the financial markets with confidence.

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