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Pepper Content bags content transformation mandate for French Essence 


Pepper Content bags content transformation mandate for French Essence 


Pepper Content, a leading content marketing platform, has won the digital mandate for French Essence, homegrown fragrance and personal care brand. Following the win, the strategic collaboration will focus on creating relatable content for French Essence that fosters brand love and loyalty. Pepper Content’s team of expert content creators will develop content tailored to various audience segments and their specific stages within the marketing funnel.  They will deploy AI to further enhance and enable content transformation for French Essence.

Nidhi Gupta, Chief Marketing Officer, French Essence says, “At French Essence, we recognize the crucial role content plays in today’s digital landscape. Consumers are bombarded with a lot of content each day, hence creating relatable content that cuts through the noise is essential. We’re excited to partner with Pepper Content on this content transformation journey. Their expertise in crafting engaging content across digital channels, social media platforms, and search engine results pages will allow us to connect with our audience on a deeper level and build lasting brand love.”

Anirudh Singla, Founder & CEO, Pepper Content shared, “French Essence understands the power of storytelling, and we’re passionate about helping them craft content that resonates with their audience. By developing relatable content tailored to various audience segments across the marketing funnel through our creator ecosystem coupled with tech and AI, we’ll help French Essence not only build brand awareness but also foster deep connections that lead to lasting customer love. This is a special win for Pepper Content, and we can’t wait to enable content transformation into French Essence’s brand story.”

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