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UGC’s Move to Biannual Admissions Opens Doors for Student Flexibility and Accessibility

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UGC’s Move to Biannual Admissions Opens Doors for Student Flexibility and Accessibility


The University Grants Commission (UGC) has announced that universities can now admit students twice a year, in January/February and July/August. This move allows institutions the flexibility to choose their admission cycles based on available faculty and infrastructure. However, universities are not required to adopt this new system.

Previously, universities and colleges only accepted new students between July and August. The UGC had already permitted biannual enrollments for online and open-distance learning (ODL) programs starting last academic year.

Dr. Ashok Mittal, Chancellor of LPU, praised the policy, stating that it offers students the flexibility to explore different fields or switch institutions without wasting time. He noted that this could maximize enrollment capacity and resource utilization for institutions while empowering students to pursue their passions.

Dr. H.B. Raghavendra, Vice Chancellor of CMR University Bengaluru, welcomed the move as a step towards enhancing the Gross Enrollment Ratio (GER) in India. He highlighted that while the policy is beneficial, the complexity of state and central education policies could impact its success. Overall, he believes it will make education more flexible and accessible, addressing social needs and opportunities.

KL Deemed to be University’s Vice Chancellor Dr. G. Pardha Saradhi Varma welcomes UGC’s Biannual admissions decision. This initiative is promoted enthusiastically by the university, this move addresses the rising demand for higher education by allowing more admissions annually. The move also promotes flexibility, it appreciates improved student retention and satisfaction rates. Aligned with the university’s mission of providing affordable, high-quality education, the decision facilitates easier academic goal attainment for students of diverse schedules and circumstances.


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