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BeSingular Launches Future Leaders Programme


BeSingular Launches Future Leaders Programme


BeSingular, a leading platform dedicated to providing critical future skills, proudly announces the launch of the BeSingular Future Leaders Program, India’s exclusive Indo-German Global Summer Residential Program. This transformative initiative promises to equip participants with essential future fluencies, exponential technologies, new competencies, and pivotal values necessary to navigate and excel in the dynamic landscape of tomorrow.

The BeSingular Future Leaders Program is not merely an educational endeavor; it represents a paradigm shift in learning, offering participants a holistic experience designed to foster visionary thinking and a problem-solving mindset. Participants will immerse themselves in a multifaceted curriculum that encompasses future technologies, design thinking methodologies, and business and finance fundamentals. The program goes beyond traditional education by actively involving students in real-world experiences, ensuring they are equipped for the future. Through meticulously curated industry visits, access to top global experts from academia and various industries, as well as counselling sessions and other relevant activities, students are empowered to envision and prepare for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. This comprehensive approach enables students to reimagine their future with confidence and readiness.

Nitesh Jain, Founder & CEO of BeSingular, expressed his enthusiasm about the program: “At BeSingular, we believe in empowering the next generation of leaders with the skills and mindset required to thrive in an increasingly complex world. We have always exemplified our commitment to providing experiential learning opportunities that transcend traditional boundaries, enabling participants to unlock their full potential and make a meaningful impact.”

Collaborating with Prof. Dr. Thomas Köhler from the Dresden University of Technology, BeSingular ensures that they deliver unparalleled experiences. Prof. Dr. Köhler shared his insights on the significance of the alliance: “BeSingular’s vision will unite the two nations in their commitment to fostering innovation and excellence in education. We shall pass on not only valuable skills and knowledge but also develop a global perspective essential for success in today’s interconnected world.”

The program’s launch comes at a pivotal moment, coinciding with recent developments such as Germany’s new immigration law, which aims to attract skilled professionals from countries like India. Initiatives like the BeSingular Future Leaders Program play a crucial role in preparing the next generation to seize opportunities on the global stage and contribute to the skilled workforce demanded by countries like Germany. State Minister for Economic Affairs, Transport, and Labour of Saxony, Germany, Mr. Martin Dulig, has expressed admiration for the intricacies of BeSingular FLP. As a result, he has extended an exclusive opportunity for program participants to meet him in person during their visit to Germany for the German leg of the program. This gesture underscores the recognition and significance of BeSingular FLP on an international scale, offering participants a unique chance to engage with a prominent figure in German governance and industry.

According to Dr. Köhler, the shortage of skilled workforce in Germany is estimated to be four million, including four lakhs in Saxony alone. The implementation of the new immigration law, allowing immigrants to bring their families, presents an attractive opportunity for skilled professionals from countries like India; notably, in Saxony, where the BeSingular Future Leaders Program will take place.

BeSingular invites aspiring young leaders from India and beyond to embark on a transformative journey with the BeSingular Future Leaders Program, where they will gain the tools, insights, and experiences needed to shape the future.


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