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IndiaSkills Competition: A Gateway for Promising Career for Karnataka Winner in New-age Skills


IndiaSkills Competition: A Gateway for Promising Career for Karnataka Winner in New-age Skills


Mustakkhan Bijapur, hailing from Karnataka, has always harbored a dream to revolutionize the way products are designed and manufactured. His zeal to make a tangible impact on technology industry led him to join a vocational training centre in 2019, where he undertook training in mechatronics after completing high school.

While pursuing the training, he learnt about IndiaSkills 2024 – a prestigious pan-India competition organized by National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC), under the aegis of Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE). For him, it was the perfect opportunity to showcase the years of learning he had invested to his craft and represent India on a world stage. He registered for competition on the “Skill India Digital Hub” (SIDH) Portal.

Despite the scarcity of resources, Mustakkhan honed his craft with the tools at hand, a testament to his resourcefulness. These formative years became the loom upon which his character was woven. He possesses an extraordinary ability to extract brilliance from every opportunity that crosses his path.

Determined to prove his mettle, he started training harder for the competition. The training enriched his understanding of the technical competencies such as Node-RED programming, PLC programming, Festo MPS kit programming, networking, and OPC/UA software. He used to do regular training of 8 hours per day through boot camps that provided insights on how these technologies are used in real-world industrial applications.

Putting in all efforts, he bagged the first position in the Industry 4.0 competition at state level which opens the avenues for him to participate on national and international competitions.

The competition took place at Festo India pvt Ltd Bangalore from 4th to 6th March. Around 50 candidates have qualified for IndiaSkills from the state alone. Furthermore, the skills he acquired through the competition played a crucial role in securing a job at Tonbo Imaging India Pvt Ltd, Bangalore.

This year, the competition has seen a significant increase in participation, with representatives from 30 states and union territories competing across 61 skills. This is a notable increase from the previous year, where participants from 26 states and union territories competed across 54 skills in 2021. It indicates a boost in India’s ranking in WorldSkills, enhanced recognition of the country’s talent pool on a global scale and improve employment prospects for youth.

Events like IndiaSkills play a pivotal role in shaping the careers of budding professionals, providing them a platform to exhibit their perfected skills. Moreover, these championships foster collaboration among governments, industries, and academia, bridging the skill gap and preparing youth for the dynamic job market.


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