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AiDash Launches ESOP Buyback Plan for Employees


AiDash Launches ESOP Buyback Plan for Employees


AiDash, an enterprise SaaS company making critical infrastructure industries climate resilient and sustainable with satellites and AI, announced the rollout of its first Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) buyback programme. The new buyback programme underscores AiDash’s commitment to shared wealth creation.

The introduction of the company’s new buyback plan follows the recent closing of its successful, oversubscribed $58.5 million Series C funding round, which brought the total amount raised to $91.5 million. The new buyback plan covers existing full-time employees with an established tenure of more than three years, allowing them to cash in their vested shares to realize the value that has accrued over time.

“Our growth is a testimony of the hard work demonstrated by our team members,” said Cofounder and CEO Abhishek Singh. “We have always been an employee-centric company that believes in giving a strong sense of ownership.”

ESOPs have traditionally proven to be a very successful compensation tool and a way to attract and retain talent for top tech companies. With recent investments in AiDash, the company plans to continue to scale its products and services and grow by adding new talent to its current bench of all-stars around the world.

“Our employees are the driving force behind our success,” said Co-founder and CPTO Rahul Saxena. “This buyback underscores our commitment to rewarding our team and nurture a culture of growth within the organisation.”

To learn about employment opportunities at AiDash, please visit: https://www.aidash.com/careers/


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