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In India Religion is Highly Politicized, Says Mahmood Mamdani


In India Religion is Highly Politicized, Says Mahmood Mamdani


In India minorities are defined as the religious groups, which are not Hindus. Religion is politicized, there are hundreds of minorities in India not only religious minorities but the rest of them have no significance politically. It is only the religious minority which is significant” said author & political commentator Mahmood Mamdani.

Speaking at the second edition of “Ideas of India” Summit, Mamdani said, “I would caution not to exceptionalize the Nazi project. It was to purify Germany, to rid Germany of all minorities. The first minorities were the Jews but they were not the only minority, there were others. When the Nazi Party was defeated and Americans came in and the Nuremberg trials were held, there was no questioning of the political project of Nazis, they started identifying individual Nazis who committed war crimes. They reproduced the Nazi political project in Eastern Europe by throwing out ethnic minorities and in Germany itself, by not re-integrating jews in Germany.”

The ABP Network’s “Ideas of India” Summit 2023 was discussing the topic of “The Nation State and its Permanent Minorities, From the US to Israel.” The summit has brought together policymakers, cultural ambassadors, industry experts, celebrities, and business leaders to discuss the critical role of India during the global churn and changing dynamics. ABP Network is a leading multi-language channel with 535 million individuals in India therefore this summit provides one of the biggest platforms for the brightest minds across various sectors to express their views.


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