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Student From Amethi learns coding to make Robot


Student From Amethi learns coding to make Robot


CuriousJr, an ed-tech start-up, is revolutionising the way kids learn to code in India. With a mission to provide accessible and free coding education to children on mobile phones, the platform offers courses in English and Hindi, with the possibility of exploring other vernacular languages in the near future. In doing so, CuriousJr aims to meet the needs of different demographics in India and empower children to think and harness their coding skills more effectively.

Ashish Kumar, a student in 12th grade from Amethi, has been using CuriousJr to learn to code and has been developing apps and games as a result. With a keen interest in designing and building his own robot, Ashish has been using the app extensively on his mobile to achieve his dream. This success story is a testament to the effectiveness of CuriousJr’s platform, which aims to provide accessible coding education to all children in India, regardless of their location, region, or native language. In just three years since its launch, CuriousJr is well on its way to achieving its goal.

With over a million downloads, the platform currently serves 220,000 monthly students, with 70 percent studying in Hindi. By expanding its curriculum and adding more languages, CuriousJr hopes to enable children across the country to learn to code in their native tongues and become part of a bright future. The courses will target students in grades 6 through 12, with age-specific content also being considered.

Mridul Ranjan Sahu, Co-Founder, CuriousJr, believes that coding is undoubtedly one of the most essential skills to learn for current and future generations. Providing content in vernacular languages will make this accessible for everyone, regardless of location, region, and native language. Learning in one’s mother tongue will empower young students to recognize and educate themselves with in-demand abilities, leading to the molding of knowledge dynamics and the upliftment of India through accessible education.

As nearly 88 percent of students still do not have access to a laptop, CuriousJr’s focus on mobile learning is a game-changer. With nearly 45 percent of students having smartphone access, this is expected to reach 60 percent in a year’s time and 70 percent in two years, making learning to code accessible to all students using just their smartphones. By providing free coding education to children, CuriousJr is leading the way in promoting equal opportunities and making a difference in the lives of many.

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