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We Don’t Charge Any Fees Till A Candidate Is Not Placed: FunctionUp MD & CEO


We Don’t Charge Any Fees Till A Candidate Is Not Placed: FunctionUp MD & CEO


Technology has spread its wings in every sector. With basic knowledge of it, it will not be sufficient to survive in the corporate world. One must be proficient since childhood. To fulfill all the technology needs, FunctioUp’s course will cover all the fundamental concepts and principles in the technology sector, providing learners with advanced training in the field. In an interview with EduKida, Bharat Gupta is the CEO & Co-Founder of FunctionUp, spoke about the admissions, company’s growth and more.

He handles the business growth, partnerships, and product building areas of the company. He has led business verticals in various consumer internet companies such as Paytm and Urban Ladder. He has rich experience in driving business operations, growth and digital marketing for internet-enabled businesses. FunctionUp is India’s leading Backend Development Bootcamp, which trains candidates in software development courses, especially backend engineering.

  1. What problems is FunctioUp solving and what is their growth rate in terms of applications received in the last quarter?

FunctionUp is India’s leading backend developer bootcamp, offering software development training to students. We are an IIT/ISB graduate group tackling the fundamental challenge of launching skilling programs in technology. Despite being talented and hardworking, many graduates are unable to secure high-paying tech jobs due to their background or a lack of campus placements. To bridge this gap, we have created a placement bootcamp to assist students in transitioning from skilling to work. Our bootcamp combines live classes, study materials, and training sessions to help candidates secure lucrative positions as software engineers. Our goal is to become the largest and most comprehensive coding platform in India. During the last quarter, there has been a 40% growth in the number of applications received, compared to the previous months when we were receiving 20-22k applications per month.

  1. What is the payment structure for professionals who take courses with FunctioUp?

We do not charge any fees if a candidate is not placed. At the same time, we continue to facilitate the process of arranging interviews for them, providing additional training if necessary, and including them in future batches or cohorts. This cycle persists for up to one year. Further,  the process is simple as we work with a limited number of NBFCs who assist us in monitoring and collecting payments on their behalf, similar to how repayments for student loans are handled, but on a smaller scale. The NBFCs possess their own tools for monitoring and tracking. Although the process is standardized, there is a limit to what we can charge; once the combined EMIs reach the payment ceiling, they cease.

  1. What scholarship is available for female candidates who take courses with FunctionUp?

FunctionUp offers a 50% scholarship to all female candidates who enroll in our courses. This initiative aims to encourage and support more women to pursue careers in technology by providing them with affordable access to high-quality education and training.

  1. How long does it take for professionals to become job-ready for Back-end engineering/coding/ tech companies with FunctionUp, and which companies have they successfully placed candidates in?

Our bootcamps have varying durations ranging from 2 to 12 months, depending on the course. For instance, the Sales cohort lasts for 2 months, the Data Science cohort runs for 12 months, and the Web Development and Data Analytics courses last for 3-5 months. We are currently focusing on recent graduates and students with strong communication skills. Our graduates have been hired by numerous companies, including NoBroker, Justdial, Motorola, Paytm, Klub, and over 250 others.

On average, our graduates receive a package of Rs 7,00,000 per annum when placed as software developers and analysts in both product and service-based companies.

  1. How many applications does FunctionUp receive each month for their course, and what percentage of applicants do they select?

At FunctionUp, design thinking principles are given utmost priority as the core basis for a candidate’s career path, serving as a lifelong guide. The cohort displays a remarkable collaborative dynamic, where every member works towards individual growth and overall improvement. This pioneering community comprises like-minded individuals who inspire and support each other towards success. The communal approach to learning at FunctionUp benefits all students. The program receives an impressive 30K applications monthly, with only the top 2% of candidates selected for admission.

  1. How many companies have FunctionUp helped in hiring professionals so far?

FunctionUp has helped over 600+ companies, including Navi, Klub, Justdial, NoBroker, Torus Money, Motorola, MuSigma, Trippr, Zolostays, and Sunstone Eduversity. With the teaching support at FunctionUp, approximately 15% of graduates without coding backgrounds have secured technology jobs at multinational corporations and other prestigious companies. Notable companies such as Meesho, Paytm, CityMall, Nestle, Myntra, Shaadi.com, NoBroker, and Cred have hired candidates from our program.

  1. What courses does FunctionUp offer for professionals with zero prior experience in programming languages, and what do they cover?

FunctionUp offers courses for professionals with zero prior experience in programming languages, such as Backend Development, Frontend Development, and Fullstack Development. These courses that cover even the basics are designed by experienced professionals from Meta, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google, as well as renowned educators from IIT. We provide practical, hands-on training that prepares students for real-world challenges and helps them acquire skills that are in high demand in today’s industry. One can join FunctionUp and take the first step towards a successful career in technology.

  1. What models does FunctionUp use to deliver its courses?

Our major competitive advantage at our company is our pay-after-placement business model. Candidates are only required to pay their tuition fees once they have received their first paycheck. Additionally, we provide a 50% scholarship to female candidates to empower them in the technology field. We have successfully assisted candidates in securing IT jobs with annual salaries ranging from 5 lakhs to 40 lakhs.

  1. What payment option does FunctionUp provide for professionals who take their courses?

Our revenue model involves taking a 17% cut of our candidates’ monthly salary for a period of 36 months, or until a certain payment cap is reached. Our goal is to accept 1,000 applicants per cohort into our upcoming high-tech upskilling courses, like blockchain and web 3.0. There are ample opportunities and capable trainees available for these bootcamps.

  1. What kind of Bootcamp is FunctionUp, what is their selection criteria, and what is their recent collaboration with io for assessments and placements?

FunctionUp is an edtech start-up that provides bootcamps to enhance the coding and analytics skills of freshers. Coffeee.io is an HR tech company that specializes in rapidly hiring top-quality talent for businesses worldwide. This collaboration will result in significant synergies as both companies use their industry expertise to teach in-demand skills and use their extensive networks to place highly qualified candidates in suitable positions.

  1. What new course has FunctionUp recently launched, and who is it designed for?

Our Data Science course, which is aimed at working professionals, has been launched with a focus on remote jobs based in the United States. Additionally, we started a UI/UX design cohort in June 2022. Mukesh Kumar Ranjan, a former Dineout Senior Product Designer, and IIT Guwahati graduate run this course, which has a small cohort size of 30 students. Like other FunctionUp courses, it assists participants in securing high-paying professions. The curriculum covers the entire range of UI/UX, Design concepts and methodology from basics to proficient.

We are soon going to start cohorts in front-end engineering, product management, and digital marketing.


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