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Physics Wallah Hosts Virtual Classes for 100,000 Students in One Session


Physics Wallah Hosts Virtual Classes for 100,000 Students in One Session


Physics Wallah (PW), India’s leading ed-tech platform, is transforming online learning by hosting the largest virtual classrooms, catering to an impressive 60,000 to 100,000 students per class. PW conducts 200 daily live lectures on its platform. It integrates and harnesses the power of technology to deliver 1,800 lectures daily, in live and recorded formats, serving over 200,000 concurrent live users. This makes PW the largest virtual learning platform in India, democratizing education on an unprecedented scale.

PW educators use classroom polls and leaderboards in innovative ways to enhance student engagement and cultivate an interactive online learning atmosphere. On a typical day, PW conducts over 2,000 polls and facilitates seamless chat interactions, amounting to approximately 1 million chats daily. This aids educators in assessing classroom sentiment and refining learning outcomes. Cumulatively, students tackle  around 6 million questions and resolve 70,000 doubts almost daily. Achieving this scale, while ensuring optimal performance, is made possible through the utilization of efficient data processing algorithms and methodologies, thereby enriching student engagement and delivering an immersive learning experience.

Despite managing such a vast scale and catering to students from diverse regions across Bharat with varying network conditions and device capabilities, PW prioritizes each student’s learning outcomes. PW achieves this by leveraging its indigenously built Alakh AI education suite, currently serving 2 million students available to them 24/7. This suite dynamically analyzes various parameters and tailors a personalized learning path for each individual. In online classes, AI instantly resolves 75% of student doubts, enhancing the learning experience significantly.

Recognizing the challenge of rural connectivity, PW introduced a low-data mode on their app, reducing internet consumption for lectures by up to 80%, ensuring students in remote areas can consistently access quality education. In terms of scalability, PW has reached 98% of India’s pin codes and is teaching girls in 605 out of 766 districts, fostering gender inclusivity in education and overcoming inherent challenges of access by integrating cutting-edge technology. PW educates 4.3 million students for free across 83 YouTube channels and an additional 2.8 million through its app. In over 500 villages, PW’s educational access has contributed to the emergence of first-generation doctors and engineers, catalyzing socio-economic progress at the grassroots level.

Vineet Govil, Chief Technology & Product Officer said, “Our vision is to make quality education accessible to every student, irrespective of their location or socio-economic background. By harnessing the power of technology, we’ve hosted India’s largest online classrooms, reaching students even in the remotest parts of the nation. Now, we’re focused on making learning hyper-personalized with the integration of AI in these mega classrooms. We remain committed to continuously innovating and improving the learning experience for our students.”


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