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10 Leading US Universities Appoint Career Mosaic as In Country Representative


10 Leading US Universities Appoint Career Mosaic as In Country Representative


Career Mosaic, an international student enrolment company and the largest in South Asia for US enrolment, has announced its strategic collaboration with 10 prestigious US universities to provide India based teams of In-Country Representation and operations. Comprehensive support to aspiring students and facilitating their journey towards academic excellence and career advancement will be provided by In Country staff members.

The United States remains a top destination for Indian students seeking global education, with world-class universities and extensive academic programs. Popular course options among Indian students include STEM, Health Science and Management, as well as Designing and Business Administration, demonstrating a good alignment with evolving global trends and workforce demands

The participating universities in this groundbreaking initiative include the San Jose State University, University of North Texas, Central Michigan University, Bowling Green State University, Middle Tennessee State University, University of Massachusetts Lowell, Bradley University, Webster University and The University of Tulsa. Each of these universities are recognized for their academic excellence, diverse programs, and commitment to fostering global talent. Career Mosaic’s in-country representatives will act as liaisons between the universities and Indian students, facilitating a seamless transition into their international education journey.

Manisha Zaveri, Co-Founder & Jt. Managing Director of Career Mosaic, said “We are delighted to partner with these leading US universities to empower Indian students to pursue their dreams of higher education abroad. This collaboration aligns with our commitment to providing comprehensive support and guidance, making the overseas education more accessible and rewarding for India’s younger demographic.”

While two-thirds of international students from the South Asia sub-continent studying in the U.S. applied from large metro areas, fully one-third of students applied from non-metro locations. Partnering with Career Mosaic has helped the University of North Texas (UNT) broaden its reach across India and into Bangladesh and Sri Lanka,” said Pieter Vermeulen, Senior Director, International Recruitment, University of North Texas.

Nearly 75% of US-bound student applications originate from the Andhra Pradesh/Telangana region, with Gujarat contributing approximately 6%. Other major contributors include Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka. The top states favoured by Indian students in the United States include California, Texas, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Illinois and Missouri.

“Career Mosaic has always been a source of support for our South Asian recruitment activities. They provide highly unique services that allow universities to have boots on the ground and stay in constant contact with international students. We are still the top option for the students because of these services and the committed teams that follow up with each candidate individually and in a very personalized manner. We have seen our numbers quadruple in the past 3 years, post- COVID, partly because of the attention given by Career Mosaic in South Asia,” said Samrat Ray Chaudhuri, Assistant Vice President for International Enrolment at Webster University.

This association provides significant benefits to students, including direct information from the university, access to in-country representatives for quicker updates, program option clarity, career guidance, transition to studying abroad and understanding communication and cultural nuances.

University programs are better marketed locally when there is In-Country Representation. It also expedites turnaround times, reduces the need for frequent travel from the United States, improves resource utilization, and makes representatives available who speak the local language, are familiar with the educational system, and can represent the university at various education fairs and expos.


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