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Analysis of JEE (Main) paper of April 4, 2024 (Morning Shift)

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Analysis of JEE (Main) paper of April 4, 2024 (Morning Shift)


NTA has followed the same level of difficulty of Phase-2 as compared to the one asked in Phase-1. The JEE MAIN paper of April 4, 2024 (Morning Shift) was of Moderate level due to the lengthy questions in Maths. In this paper, Physics was on the easier side whereas Chemistry was also on the easy to moderate side. In this paper, Mathematics was on moderate to difficult side with lengthy and calculative questions. A detailed subject wise analysis is given below.


Chemistry paper was more or less balanced in terms of difficulty level as well as the number of questions from the three sections. Questions from prominent chapters like Chemical Kinetics, Alcohol, Phenol and Ethers, Electrochemistry, Thermodynamics were asked. P-Block chemistry was dominant in the paper. Overall coverage of the chapters was uniform. Among 11th and 12thclass, more number of questions were asked from 12th class syllabus. The paper was by and large based on NCERT books.


Physics part was on easier side and questions from almost all the chapters were asked. Questions from Modern Physics, Mechanics, Electrostatics and Current electricity were there in the paper. The coverage of the questions was almost equal with more number of questions asked from 12th class.


Mathematics paper was moderate to difficult level. A good number of questions were asked from Calculus. Integer type questions were lengthy in the paper. Almost all the topics were covered. The main thing is questions were both lengthy and calculative which took a lot of time to solve.

In short, it was a decent paper with Mathematics being the toughest among all due to the lengthy part. The difficulty level wise order according to a large section of students is Mathematics > Chemistry > Physics


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