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EcoRatings Hosts Seminar in Association with PHD Chamber of Commerce


EcoRatings Hosts Seminar in Association with PHD Chamber of Commerce


EcoRatings, a Gen AI company, in collaboration with the PHD Chamber of Commerce organized a seminar on the topic “Introducing Transparency in Sustainability” held at PHD House, New Delhi. The seminar witnessed over 200 participants from diverse backgrounds, including scientists, environmentalists, sustainability enthusiasts, small and medium business owners, and representatives from NGOs focused on sustainability.

The seminar aimed to kickstart a discussion on the benefits of transparent sustainable initiatives for both companies and consumers, emphasizing how collaborative efforts can drive grassroots change. Additionally, the seminar explored how Gen AI tools and platforms can accurately track and measure impact across industries, enhancing transparency.

“Dr. JP Gupta, Chairman of the Environment and Climate Committee, PHDCCI, set the theme of the seminar with a keynote address, emphasizing the importance of transparency in sustainable initiatives and advocating for a goal-focused approach moving forward. He also talked about wide-scale transparency and the role of individuals in fostering sustainability efforts.”

“Mr. Mahendra Rustagi, Co-Chair of the Environment and Climate Committee, PHDCCI stressed the significance of advancing on the ESG front and its potential benefits for companies when seeking investments from private investors or borrowing from lenders.”

The seminar also facilitated a panel discussion moderated by Ms Aditi Balbir, Co-founder, EcoRatings and attended by panelists Mr Mahender Kumar, Mr Pranav Sinha, DGM, Green Climate Finance Vertical, SIDBI, Ms Rachna Swarup, Founder and CEO, B77 TechStyles and Ms Paridhi Mantri, Head, Consumer Insights, Sooth Healthcare.

“Ms. Aditi Balbir, Co-founder of EcoRatings, began the panel discussion by highlighting how Gen AI can help in real-time decision-making and the need to evolve from consulting models to a more transparent ecosystem.”

The panel shed light on how data is crucial to take the first step towards sustainability and how companies need to be transparent even in an environment where compliance is not mandatory.

“Adding to this, Dr. Mahesh Kumar, Senior Principal Scientist, CSIR highlighted that CSIR is promoting scientific research and innovation in various fields. In the global changing scenario nowadays collaboration between industry, academia and various other stakeholders is the need of the hour. The world is moving towards a sustainable future and a transparent system is crucial. Also, it is very important that MSMEs should be hand-holded to enable sustainable development and achieve sustainable development goals. He further elaborated that the industry should focus on manufacturing quality and sustainable products.”

“Mr. Pranav Sinha, DGM, Green Climate Finance Vertical, SIDBI, touched upon the critical role of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in advancing towards sustainability and simplified processes which can be understood by this segment.”

“Ms. Paridhi Mantri, Head of Consumer Insights from Sooth Healthcare added that ESG initiatives are most successful when they are integral to a company’s DNA, rather than merely being government-regulated.”

“Ms. Rachna Sarup, Founder and CEO, B77 TechStyles discussed that the apparel industry is the second-largest polluter. To reduce its impact and emissions, changes must extend beyond just the bigger companies. Smaller organizations and end consumers also need to be involved in the effort. B77 is amongst the early adopters of Gen AI solutions and works towards sustainability voluntarily. “

The seminar concluded with a discussion emphasizing that sustainability and transparency work hand in hand and the crucial role Gen AI plays in enhancing transparency to drive change at a larger level.


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