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IITM Group’s ‘Fiesta 2024’ Concludes with Grand Finale at Talkatora Stadium


IITM Group’s ‘Fiesta 2024’ Concludes with Grand Finale at Talkatora Stadium


The most awaited two-day fest, ‘Fiesta 2024,’ organized by the IITM Group of Institutions, concluded with a grand finale at Talkatora Stadium.

The event, held on March 2, witnessed an explosion of creativity, talent, and cultural diversity, leaving the audience in awe.

This year’s ‘Fiesta 2024’ took center stage with its distinctive flair, featuring a mesmerizing performance by Punjabi sensation Akhil. The singer’s enchanting voice and soulful melodies set the stage ablaze, compelling the youth to dance to the rhythm of his tunes. The stadium was filled with an exuberant crowd, doubling the enthusiasm of this annual extravaganza.

The formal inauguration of the program was a momentous occasion, marked by the esteemed presence of Dr. Rachita Rana, Director of IITM, Dr. Monika Kulshreshth (Director, IINTEM), and Dr. R.K. Singh (Director, IPIITM). The ceremonial lighting of the lamp symbolized the initiation of two days filled with cultural splendor and academic brilliance.

Addressing the enthusiastic gathering, Dr. Rachita Rana emphasized the importance of values in the pursuit of success. She urged students to integrate values into their academic journey, reinforcing the commitment of IITM Group of Institutions to fostering creativity and holistic development. Dr. Monica Kulshreshth and Dr. R.K. Singh shared words of encouragement, expressing their optimism for the bright futures of the participating students.

The diverse array of events during ‘Fiesta 2024’ showcased the incredible talents of students from over 30 institutions in Delhi NCR. From the intellectual challenges of Quiz and Ad Mad to the rhythmic beats of Battle of Bands and Group Dance, the participants exhibited exceptional skills and creativity. The day kicked off at 9:00 AM and continued until the afternoon, attracting a continuous flow of spectators eager to witness the unfolding spectacle.

The grand finale concluded with the felicitation of winners across various competitions, marking the triumph of talent and dedication. The atmosphere was charged with pride and joy as teachers, students, and staff of the IITM Group of Institutions joined in the celebration of yet another successful edition of ‘Fiesta.’

The ‘Fiesta 2024’ at Talkatora Stadium not only provided a platform for showcasing the institute’s rich cultural diversity and talent but also exemplified the commitment of IITM Group of Institutions to nurturing the holistic development of its students. The event’s resounding success will undoubtedly be etched in the memories of all those who participated, leaving a lasting impact on the cultural landscape of Delhi NCR.

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