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Jaina Philosophy Meets Oral Traditions at Ahmedabad University


Jaina Philosophy Meets Oral Traditions at Ahmedabad University


In a captivating lecture held at Ahmedabad University, Professor Jonardon Ganeri delved into the intersection of Jaina philosophy and oral traditions, shedding light on how non-dogmatic approaches contribute to a richer understanding of truth.

Professor Ganeri, the Bimal K. Matilal Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at the University of Toronto, is renowned for his ability to weave together insights from various philosophical traditions to construct novel perspectives in philosophy of mind, metaphysics, and epistemology.

During his lecture, Professor Ganeri elucidated the distinctive epistemological framework employed by Jaina philosophers in classical India. He emphasized their differentiation between epistemic principles (prama?a) and epistemic standpoints (nayas), underscoring the significance of maintaining non-dogmatic stances in the pursuit of truth. By embracing pluralistic approaches to inquiry, Jaina philosophy offers fresh insights into philosophical discourse, paving the way for innovative perspectives.

Organized by the University’s School of Arts and Sciences, the event was part of the Rasila and Chandrakant Kadia Endowed Visiting Professorship initiative, aimed at bringing esteemed scholars to the University to foster academic excellence and cultivate future leaders in Ahmedabad.

Reflecting on Professor Ganeri’s impact, Assistant Professor Shishir Saxena remarked, “Professor Jonardan Ganeri embodies the scholastic ethos that our University cherishes. His engagement with the University community has inspired faculty and students alike to delve deeper into research, explore diverse methodologies, and contemplate new avenues for scholarly inquiry.”

The event concluded on a cultural note with a soul-stirring “Kahat Kabir” concert by Vipul Rikhi, a multifaceted artist known for his expertise in oral traditions. Through his poignant renditions of Kabir’s timeless poetry, Rikhi transported the audience into the realm of mysticism, further enriching the intellectual and cultural discourse of the evening.

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