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RD National College Launches Cutting Chai Media Festival 2024


RD National College Launches Cutting Chai Media Festival 2024


In an unparalleled celebration of creativity and media prowess, RD National College proudly announces the launch of the Cutting Chai Media Festival 2024. Commencing from today in the heart of Bandra, Mumbai, this year’s festival, themed “Oceanic Chai-Tide” is poised to be a groundbreaking event, promising to be the most illustrious edition yet in its storied history.

With an ambitious lineup of over 21 events spanning journalism, multimedia, film, and broadcast, the festival is a testament to the infinite possibilities within the media realm. Drawing inspiration from the boundless and mysterious depths of the ocean, this year’s theme is not just a motif but a philosophy – embodying the essence of exploration and the vast expanse of human creativity.

This year marks a significant evolution from the previous theme, the Chaimentional Paradox, inviting attendees to delve into the rhythmic symphony of waves, where every sip of chai symbolizes a journey through the captivating and tranquil depths of media innovation. The Oceanic Chai-Tide theme is a tribute to the mesmerizing fusion of tradition with the boundless beauty of the ocean, setting a new standard for creative excellence.

“In navigating the vast expanse of the media landscape, the Cutting Chai Media Festival stands as a beacon of innovation and creativity. This year’s Oceanic Chai-Tide theme embodies our commitment to exploring uncharted territories, encouraging our participants to dive deep into the realms of imagination and emerge with groundbreaking ideas. Together, we are setting sail on a journey that transcends the conventional, charting a course towards a future rich with limitless possibilities,” says Dr. Meghna Kothari, BAMMC Coordinator, RD National College.

The festival challenges its participants to navigate the tumultuous waters of creativity, with events meticulously designed to push the boundaries of imagination. From solving a murder mystery in an investigative journalism drama to mastering the art of teleprompted humor, each competition is a beacon of ingenuity, urging participants to venture beyond their comfort zones.

Notably, the festival serves as a vibrant platform for emerging talents to showcase their abilities in photography, storytelling, dubbing, and editing – each competition a canvas for expression. These events are not just competitions; they are a celebration of perspective, narrative, and the art of visual storytelling.

Furthermore, the Cutting Chai Media Festival offers an unprecedented opportunity for participants to engage with leading media professionals, gaining invaluable insights and feedback from some of the industry’s most esteemed voices. This interaction bridges the gap between aspiring media enthusiasts and established experts, fostering a community of learning and inspiration.

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