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Zamit’s AI-driven announces analytical tool TERM Analysis – Empowering Teachers for the Future


Zamit’s AI-driven announces analytical tool TERM Analysis – Empowering Teachers for the Future


In a breakthrough initiative aimed at boosting the quality of teaching in India, Zamit, a leading AI-enabled one-stop school provider for the school ecosystem, has launched a unique solution for teachers committed to teaching students of the 21st century. Teaching Excellence and Relevance Management or TERM Analysis is a first-of-its-kind research-based AI-driven analytical tool that helps teachers analyse their current teaching proficiencies as well as map future potentialities. Particularly from an Indian standpoint, the TERM Analysis also supports the requirements of the New Education Policy or NEP 2020 while also accounting for the IB (International Baccalaureate) approaches to teaching.

Aggregating over 85 teaching, coaching and mentoring skill parameters, all clubbed under Zamit’s Nine Dimensions for Teachers, TERM is a comprehensive analytical tool that identifies a defined, personalised way forward for an individual teacher’s professional development. Using this management tool, and armed with a Zamit Quotient (ZQ) score for each of the nine dimensions along with a detailed personalized report – that serves as a benchmark analysis – a teacher can chart out his entire professional development journey and stay attuned to the needs and best practices essential to 21st-century teaching.

“As an AI-driven analytical tool that accounts for an extensive set of competency and skill parameters needed for a successful teacher, TERM Analysis is beyond doubt the right tool for teachers of the 21st century. Apart from enabling a near-perfect and nuanced self-assessment, what really sets apart Zamit’s TERM offering is that a Zamit member teacher also gets access to Continuous Professional Development programmes as well as premium and curated content that can help them to further improve and build upon their ZQ scores. In addition, Zamit also provides access to enriching and stimulating top-grade webinars and workshops. What’s more, Zamit provides a space to create and maintain a dynamic professional profile for the teacher that can be employed for periodic appraisals and for monitoring their commitment to CPD, a prerequisite recommended by the NEP 2020,” said Aarul Malaviya, Founder and Director of Zamit.

“There has been relatively less emphasis on lifting the quality of teaching and teachers themselves in our country, notwithstanding some initiatives launched by the government in this regard in recent years. Culturally speaking, we tend to regard our teachers as all-knowing people who need no further education and learning. On the contrary, given the extraordinary role that a teacher plays in shaping the life and person that a student becomes in the long run, it is even more critical for teachers to undergo constant knowledge enhancement, assessment, upskilling and upgrading. And with the advent and proliferation of tech-driven education delivery systems as well as technology’s increasingly intrinsic role in future job descriptions and requirements, a teacher must themselves be sufficiently technologically proficient. Only then would they be able to help the current generation of students transition smoothly into next-generation professionals armed with future-readiness skills,” added Mr Malaviya.

The ZQ nine dimensions for teachers include: Creativity in classroom teaching, Employability skills for career growth, Professionalism in teaching and management, New and Innovative teaching methodologies, Communication skills in and outside of the classroom, Digital Literacy to enable the use of technology in teaching, Mentoring skills to better support students, Emotional Competencies to be able to deal with different situations and Professional Profile to showcase the teacher’s achievements.

Importantly, the CPD programmes offered, along with TERM Analysis, are of varied durations to meet the needs of the school and are certified by Qualifications and Assessments International Ltd., UK.

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