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Tech Triumphs: Celebrating Innovation on Technology Day

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Tech Triumphs: Celebrating Innovation on Technology Day


On Technology Day, the community collectively appreciates and explores the world of innovation. It serves as a reminder of the revolutionary power inherent in the circuits, algorithms, and pixels that create the digital reality.

In a century where everything is seen through the lens of technology, this day is a moment of gratitude. The inventiveness of human brains and the limitless potential that technology brings for the future, from the smallest remote controls to the largest rockets, are honored.

Here are some unforgettable quotes from people of science:

Aryaman Vir, CEO, WiseX says, “National Technology Day serves as a timely reminder of the profound impact innovation has on financial empowerment. At WiseX, we are at the forefront of this evolution, witnessing the transformative power of technology in wealth management. AI personalizes decision making and investment journeys, unlocking a universe of possibilities for our clients.”

Vir continues, “Our PropTech platform uses stringent asset selection criteria with over 150 data points to carefully curate investment opportunities in Commercial Real Estate. However, responsible innovation remains paramount and we are committed to ethical and unbiased decision-making.”

Vir further says, “Beyond individual investments, technology’s true potential lies in its ability to democratize finance. WiseX embraces a holistic approach, utilizing Big Data and other cutting-edge tools to streamline internal processes and identify superior investment opportunities for our investors. By leveraging technology for democratising CRE investments, we can empower individuals and bridge the gap to create a more equitable and prosperous future.”

Harshit Jain MD, Founder & Global CEO, Doceree adds his views, “Like other industries, the Indian healthcare sector is rapidly embracing technology, marking a new era of innovation. From personalized medicine and triggered messaging to virtual consultations and smart devices, technology is revolutionizing healthcare access, bridging affordability and information gaps, and promoting health equity, unprecedently.”

Jain further said, “Data-driven insights too are becoming increasingly crucial for real-time patient care and drug development. A genuine applaud would go to the Govt. of India for introducing Ayushman Bharat Health Account (ABHA), that is seeking to enhance healthcare access, relieve financial burdens on vulnerable groups, and improve overall healthcare quality—all with technology and data-driven methods.”

Jain says, “Evidently, the road for innovation and improvement in healthcare goes a long way with such progressive nation-wide initiatives. Looking ahead, with technology soon becoming integral to reducing healthcare costs and aiding healthcare professionals in informed decision-making, innovations like Artificial Intelligence (AI) are poised to drive sustainable growth and transformative solutions in the industry.”

Arun Nayyar, MD & CEO, NeoGrowth comments, “At NeoGrowth, we believe in harnessing technology as a strategic tool to drive business goals and impact. Our commitment lies in achieving sustainable and profitable growth by seamlessly integrating technology into every facet of our operations.”

Nayyar said, “From enhancing risk management and operational efficiency to delivering unparalleled customer experiences, we leverage digital innovation at every step. We have a well-integrated digital infrastructure; encompassing the India Stack, Aadhaar authentication, GST, digital payment ecosystem and Account Aggregator Framework we ensure a seamless and simplified process for our customers.”

Nayyar further comments, “Our operational capabilities driven by tech and data enables us to process nearly 90% of loans within a mere 3 days, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to speed and efficiency. This synergy between technology and business objectives is pivotal in fostering an inclusive credit ecosystem tailored to the unique needs of India’s MSMEs.”

Kunal Purohit, Chief Digital Services Officer, Tech Mahindra said, “National Technology Day marks a pivotal moment in India’s journey as a burgeoning technological powerhouse. As we celebrate this day, it’s crucial to acknowledge the role of education, mentorship, and entrepreneurship in nurturing a generation capable of innovation and leadership. At Tech Mahindra, we are committed to fostering a culture where continuous learning and growth are at the core of our operations.”

Purohit says, “Education is the bedrock of this initiative—providing the framework for young minds to understand and harness technology’s vast potential. Through a curriculum that integrates technological pedagogy, we ensure that our employees across all levels are well-equipped to navigate and shape the future of technology. Mentorship complements this educational foundation by offering guidance and insights essential for professional and personal development.”

Purohit talking about his company says, “At Tech Mahindra, mentors act as catalysts for innovation, empowering young talent to transcend traditional boundaries and implement ground-breaking ideas. By fostering an entrepreneurial mindset, we empower our employees to take ownership of their projects, think critically, and innovate solutions that enable customers to scale at speed. This National Technology Day, let us commit ourselves to investing in the tools and talent to ensure our technological renaissance continues.”

Sachin Panicker, Chief AI Officer, Fulcrum Digital says, “National Technology Day celebrates not just technological advancements, but also the widespread accessibility of innovation. In this era, enterprise AI serves as a pivotal force, driving the digital transformation of businesses across all scales, enabling them to flourish amidst heightened competition. This underscores the significance of AI in the ongoing evolution of technology, revolutionizing how businesses operate and innovate in the modern landscape.”

Panicker further says, “The widespread adoption of enterprise AI is leveling the playing field, enabling even MSMEs to stand toe to toe with global competitors. Through intelligent automation, predictive analytics, and personalized insights, AI equips these companies with the tools to optimize operations, enhance productivity, and deliver unparalleled value to their customers. Beyond its capacity to optimize business operations, AI today also emerges as the great equalizer, bridging gaps between individuals and communities like never before. It transcends boundaries, providing ease of access to information, education, and opportunity, thus paving the way for inclusive growth and empowerment.”

Panicker adds, “As we commemorate National Technology Day, let us recognize the transformative power of AI and share enthusiasm for the continuous strides being made in space, contributing to India’s tech journey. Let’s also champion inclusivity, shaping a future where everyone benefits from this progress.”



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