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Exclusive: Dr. Rao Throws Light on KL Deemed to be University’s Zeal To Foster Industry-Ready Talent & Technological Innovation

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Exclusive: Dr. Rao Throws Light on KL Deemed to be University’s Zeal To Foster Industry-Ready Talent & Technological Innovation


In an exclusive interview on National Technology Day with Dr. T K Rama Krishna Rao, Principal of KL Deemed to be University’s College of Engineering, a detailed discussion about the curriculum and working of the institution highlighted their commitment to prepare students for the industry. 

Dr. Rao commented on the significance of National Technology Day for the institution by stating, “To mark this occasion, we plan various events like seminars, workshops, and exhibitions to showcase technology’s role in driving economic growth and societal progress. We always encourage students to participate in innovation challenges, fostering a culture of creativity and entrepreneurship. KL Deemed to be University takes pride in leading this effort, instilling hope for a brighter tomorrow.”

Dr. Rao highlighted KL Deemed to be University’s determination to prepare graduates for the industry. The university works towards this by introducing a multifaceted approach to ensuring graduates are well-prepared for the workforce. He said, “One key aspect is benchmarking the curriculum against top-notch institutions, ensuring it meets industry standards. Additionally, the university connects students with experts from industry, research institutions, and alumni, providing invaluable networking opportunities and industry insights. Incorporating design thinking into courses nurtures critical problem-solving skills, while flipped learning promotes independent learning—both highly valued by employers.” 

KL Deemed to be University also offers practical experiences such as internships, practice schools, and capstone projects, providing students with real-world exposure and relevant skills, according to Dr. Rao. As a principal himself he emphasized the importance of participation in hackathons, competitions, and publications to enhance students’ marketability and exposure to emerging trends.

Dr. Rao, talking about the future of careers in technology, underscored the dynamic nature of the field, with rapid advancements in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cybersecurity. The institution stays on top of these changes by integrating cutting-edge advancements into its curriculum and he further appreciated the initiatives like learnathons and hackathons.

Dr. Rao highlighted the latest advancement and changes in engineering courses by saying, “KL Deemed to be University is at the forefront of implementing the latest advancements and innovations in technology and engineering courses to enhance student’s overall learning experience. Through the integration of skill components across all technical courses and the provision of comprehensive entrepreneurship and innovation programs, it ensures students are exposed to the latest technologies and industry-relevant practices.”

In an India where startups are being appreciated and encouraged it is important to tend to the needs of aspiring entrepreneurs from funding awareness to boot camps. In nurturing a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship, KL Deemed to be University has established initiatives such as the KL Incubation Center and the Department of Design Thinking and Innovation. Dr. Rao mentioned, “The centers and department have served as a nurturing ground for aspiring entrepreneurs, providing vital support through seed funding and mentor networking.” 

KL Deemed to be University’s approach to education, emphasis on technology relevance, and its zest for delivering results by preparing industry-ready students is noteworthy.


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