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BIMTECH Organises Orientation For PGDM Online

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BIMTECH Organises Orientation For PGDM Online


Birla Institute of Management Technology, today organized an orientation programme for the 5th batch of PGDM Online at the Centre for Online Studies (COOLS). The programme aims to equip students with the necessary corporate expectations, communication, and digital skills required to succeed in their academic journey.

The orientation programme saw an overwhelming response, with several students from different parts of the country joining online.

The Online PGDM programme at BIMTECH stands out for its exceptional network of distinguished alumni, who have graduated from the institute. These accomplished alumni have made a mark in their respective industries and are an integral part of the BIMTECH community. They serve as a valuable resource for the current students by sharing their experiences and insights, which are instrumental in shaping the students’ future careers. BIMTECH takes immense pride in the achievements of its alumni and strives to foster a strong sense of camaraderie and support among them and the students.

Some of the dignitaries who presided over the event were Dr. H Chaturvedi, Director of BIMTECH, Prof. Raj Sethuraman from Southern Methodist University, Mr. Satish Jha, Entrepreneur, Mr. Varun Garg, President of Learning Experience at upGrad, Mr. Parikshit Markanday, Chief Partnership and Growth Officer, TimesPro, and Prof. S S Dubey, Chairperson, COOLS, BIMTECH.

Talking on the occasion Dr. Harivansh Chaturvedi, Director of BIMTECH, said, “During and after the covid, online education has provided able support to the young students, who are studying in schools and universities to continue their education. According to the recent reports of the All-India Survey of Higher Education conducted in 2021, more than 1000 plus universities and 45000 colleges were involved out of which four crore students are currently involved in open universities and online learning. Covid has rung alarms of lessons in the ears of people around the world. So, online education is the only game changer in these times for education since it supports technological customization, reach is possible, the cost is minimum, and delivery is effective.”

Prof. S S Dubey, Chairperson, COOLS, BIMTECH, introduced the students to the curriculum and the various career opportunities available at the completion of the programme. He urged the students to develop a winning mindset to succeed in the competitive environment. He said, “BIMTECH started online PGDM nearly two years ago. BIMTECH has taken the leap of faith to venture into online education by being inclusive and serve the underserved section of society, who cannot afford to leave their current occupation and want to pursue their dreams of higher education. With online education, BIMTECH has given wings to students to fly high.”

Prof. Raj Sethuraman from Southern Methodist University said, “Passion, Perseverance, Patience, and Planning are the essential 4P’s of life that can pave the way for the other two P’s – Peace and Prosperity. These 4P’s have helped me navigate the ups and downs of life and have allowed me to achieve success in my chosen field. By embracing these values, we can create a life that is both fulfilling and rewarding, and lead to a future of Peace and Prosperity.”

Satish Jha, Entrepreneur, emphasized on the importance of learning and developing skill sets according to the industry. He said “Remote education in some or the other way is revolutionized. Any student I meet is either through online or has knowledge about online education and vice versa. Online has made education possible; not everyone could go to college or afford it; this has helped people learn about different subjects. Technology has made education easier for us. For example, now we can quickly access ChatGPT, to gather knowledge. So, the evolution of online education in the past 25 years has been extraordinary. Learning is more important not from the point of view of features; but to learn how to connect the dots.”

The distinguished guests inspired the students to explore different opportunities and industrial learning, concluding the event with a vote of thanks and wishing the students the very best for their upcoming academic journey.


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