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CleverTap joins hands with Barefoot Edu Foundation to set up 12 STEM labs

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CleverTap joins hands with Barefoot Edu Foundation to set up 12 STEM labs

Photo by Matthew Henry from Burst

CleverTap on Tuesday announced its partnership with Barefoot Edu Foundation to promote STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education across low-fee private schools in Mumbai.

Through this partnership, the aim is to develop fully operational STEM labs in 12 low-fee private schools. These labs will allow students to demonstrate increased retention of textual subject knowledge through formative and summative testing. Six of the twelve STEM labs will be exclusively for female students. Students will be given resources to demonstrate their creativity in applying textbook concepts to real-world problems through engaging activities like melas and competitions.

STEM education is critical in today’s digitally savvy world. It helps in nurturing young minds and developing a future-ready workforce that will drive innovation across industries. CleverTap and Barefoot Edu Foundation plan on training educators with respect to how to incorporate experimental learning into their Science Lesson Plans. This will ensure that the next generation of students are STEM-skilled and aligned with the ever-evolving demands of the modern world.

“A well-rounded education system that deploys proven and competent teaching methods brings the best out of students. This is most evident in a resource-intensive, technical field like STEM – where application is everything.” said Sidharth Malik, CEO at CleverTap. “At CleverTap, we are true believers of ‘a brilliant mind can come from anywhere’ and hope that our efforts can help create a conducive environment for the young aspirants of today, soon to be the leaders of tomorrow.”

Commenting on the association, Subhankar Paul, Director and Co-founder of Barefoot Edu Foundation stated, “At Barefoot, we are fully committed to providing a strong foundation for children to think, feel, dream, and thrive. Our association with CleverTap is made even more special given how strongly they align with our principles and values. Their contribution will go a long way in making STEM more accessible to students, especially young girls. Building the appropriate infrastructure to facilitate an environment of learning is the first step in changing the way society approaches education.”


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