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Acharya Bangalore B-School Expands Global Footprint with Strategic Leadership

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Acharya Bangalore B-School Expands Global Footprint with Strategic Leadership


Acharya Bangalore B-School, a leading institution in business education, is strategically expanding its reach across the globe, driven by a visionary strategy crafted under the inspiring direction of Krishna Reddy, Director-Marketing. Reddy’s innovative approach and deep understanding of market dynamics have enabled ABBS to gain global recognition and prominence.

Recognizing the untapped potential of India as a preferred destination for higher education, ABBS strategised a mission under Krishna Reddy’s guidance. Through thorough market research, the institution identified a critical gap: despite India’s cultural richness and diverse academic offerings, only a mere 7% of foreign students choose India as their study destination. In response, ABBS formulated a comprehensive strategy aimed at positioning India as a coveted hub for academic pursuits on the global stage.

Krishna Reddy the Director-Marketing at ABBS said, “India consists of a diverse Traditional knowledge encompassing disciplines such as yoga, ayurveda, and dance. These invaluable treasures, deeply rooted in our cultural heritage, present a unique opportunity to enrich the academic experience of international students. By showcasing India’s rich cultural tapestry and offering transformative learning experiences, we aim to attract students from around the globe.”

A steppingstone towards realizing this vision has been ABBS’s active participation in international education fairs, where the institution showcases its academic offerings and engages with prospective students from across the globe. Leveraging these platforms, ABBS has forged valuable connections and initiated networks with registered and authorized associates, thereby expanding its influence in key international markets.

Additionally, ABBS has prioritized nurturing relationships with its global alumni network. Through alumni meets conducted in various countries, the institution has strengthened bonds with former students and tapped into their networks to amplify global outreach efforts. These gatherings serve as invaluable platforms for fostering collaboration and sharing insights among ABBS alumni worldwide.

In line with its commitment to promoting accessibility and inclusivity in education, ABBS has instituted various scholarship programs to support deserving students domestically and internationally. Notably, the Ambassador Scholarships stand as proof of ABBS’s dedication to empowering future leaders from diverse backgrounds and geographies, ensuring that talented individuals have the opportunity to pursue their academic aspirations regardless of financial constraints.

The global footprint of ABBS extends far and wide, with alumni scattered across continents, from the bustling streets of the US to the picturesque landscapes of Canada, Australia, the UK, and France. These alumni serve as ambassadors of ABBS’s ethos and values, embodying the institution’s commitment to excellence and innovation on a global scale.

Krishna Reddy’s journey at ABBS has been motivated by a passion for innovation and an undying drive for excellence. His extensive experience in the field, coupled with a fondness for exploration and travel, has endowed him with a unique perspective on the evolving needs of the education sector. Reddy’s visionary guidance has been a steppingstone for ABBS’s success, shaping its trajectory toward international prominence.

As ABBS continues to strengthen its global presence, Krishna Reddy’s visionary leadership remains instrumental in guiding the institution towards its mission of shaping future leaders and fostering excellence in business education on a global stage. Through strategic initiatives and commitment to excellence, ABBS is dedicated to leaving an impact on the global education landscape for years to come.


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