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ABBS School of Management Awards SAQS Accreditation for Ongoing Commitment to Excellence

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ABBS School of Management Awards SAQS Accreditation for Ongoing Commitment to Excellence


With great pride, ABBS School of Management announces its certification by SAQS, a significant advancement in their mission toward global recognition and high-quality management in education. This accreditation reaffirms ABBS’s efforts in offering first-class education while integrating best practices internationally and inducing a culture of continuous improvement.

Acknowledged by SAQS, renowned for its global and multicultural approach to quality evaluation, ABBS School of Management demonstrates expertise across all operational and academic domains. Unlike traditional accreditations, SAQS assesses the institution comprehensively, emphasizing business concerns, notably executive education.

SAQS, known for its international and intercultural approach to quality assessment, has recognized ABBS’s efforts across all facets of its academic programs and operations. This recognition extends to corporate concerns, including executive education, highlighting ABBS’s adeptness and total quality in all aspects.

“SAQS is an international standard for quality assurance in management education, distinguishing ABBS from other business schools in the nation, The SAQS Accreditation validates our efforts to provide holistic development opportunities to our students, emphasizing academic excellence and personal and professional growth. Receiving this prestigious accreditation further inspires us to uphold our high standards and take our institution forward with even more innovative approaches to education and program development. We shall continuously enhance the quality of our offerings and ensure that our students receive a transformative learning experience that prepares them for success in the rapid change in the global landscape.” said Ajitesh Basani, Executive Director-Administration at ABBS School of Management.

“ABBS School of Management since its inception has always strived to build an education eco system that encourages holistic development of students. Therefore, we decided to go for SAQS Accreditation that offers an excellent quality improvement system through its international accreditation. They provided full strategic guidance at every stage and helped the school to achieve international quality.”said, Dr. Madhumita Chatterji, Director- ABBS School of Management

SAQS accreditation puts focus on ABBS’s capability to produce future leaders equipped with the interpersonal, entrepreneurial, and managerial skills necessary to thrive in today’s competitive business environment. By combining diversity and recognizing the strengths of different approaches to management education, ABBS offers programs that cater to the unique needs and aspirations of students from diverse backgrounds.


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